The Complete Muay Thai Home Study Course

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The Complete Muay Thai Home Study Course is a five volume DVD set! This course take you by the hand and explains everything you need to know! Check out just some of the great stuff you will learn in each volume...

Volume 1: Muay Thai Fundamentals
Foundational stuff! This volume teaches you the correct way to execute all of the basic techniques used in the later volumes. In this volume, you’ll learn

•How to correctly throw fast and powerful punches
•Where to keep your hands for maximum safety
•How to launch the skull rattling elbows, powerful knee strikes and bone crushing Thai kicks that have made Muay Thai famous!

Volume 2: Mastering the Thai Clinch
The clinch is perhaps the most effective element of Muay Thai. In this volume, you'll learn how to control your opponent in a clinch and keep him from hurting you while you remain entirely free to come back with your own barrage of elbows and knees!

•Numerous ways to grip and control your opponent, and the basics of Head Control Theory
•Anti-Clinch tactics like "Amercian Style", "Thai Snake", "Scoop and Slam", "Elbow Sandwich", and more.
•Neck grab prevention and counters, and more...

Volume 3: Muay Thai Attack & Defense Training
This is where a lot of the cool tricks and set-ups are found. Stuff like:

•How to use defensive moves like slips, bob and weaves, shoulder stops and “rock backs”
•Six different ways you can set up a powerful and crippling thigh kick so that your opponent won’t even see this crippling blow coming. (including what one renowned trainer called “the baddest move in kickboxing”!)
•How you can employ “defensive” moves like “snap the twig” that actually damage your opponent's attacking limb.
•Basic Jab Interception, Killer Elbow Knee Combination, Elbow Defense, and a whole lot more!

Volume 4: Ultimate Thai Pad Drills
Improve your technique and challenge your body by training on the Thai pads. The Thai pads are the “meat and potatoes” of Muay Thai training. This is where you will be honing your body into a weapon with fun drills that will leave you sweaty, exhausted, and on the road to having incredible stamina.

Over 25 fun, effective, and intense Thai pad drills involving offensive and defensive combinations guaranteed to get you into great shape!

Volume 5: Heavy Bag & Mitt Training Drills
In this volume, you'll learn some of the best fighting drills out there so you get get in top notch butt-kickin shape in the shortest amount of time possible.

•Learn important skill producing PUNCH MITT drills! Punch mitt training simulates real life fighting as close as possible, and this volume will give you the drills that will take your punching, elbowing, & defensive skills to the next level!
•Learn cool HEAVYBAG drills. Build technique, stamina and coordination from this carefully selected list of heavy bag drills.
•Learn other excellent drills that don't require any equipment at all to develop your speed, footwork, and coordination.

Bonus Volume: How to Beat a Grappler
Talking about stuff like...

•What to Do if Someone Grabs Your Kick -- Having a bad guy grab a hold of one of your kicks can be both embarrasing and put you in a lot of trouble. I'll show you my favorite ways of dealing with this situation!
•How to Deal with a Grappler's "Underhooks" - MMA warriors and other grapplers love to lock you up with this move to set up throws and slams. The striker who doesn't know how to counter this is "certain to be hurtin'".
•How to Stop the "Arm Drag" - Grapplers often will use this move to get to your back. If you don't know what to do, you're finished.
•How to Keep a Grappler from Taking You Down -- Grappling style fighters obviously want to take strikers and stand up fighters to the ground. Here you will learn the four body parts you can use to stay on your feet and expose him to your powerful counters!

This special bonus is our way of making sure that your Muay Thai training is as complete as we can make it.


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