The Bat! Professional 4.2.16 Release Cristmas Edition

Software, InterNet Tools. December 29, 2009 by Dizel.
The Bat! Professional 4.2.16 Release Cristmas Edition

The Bat! Professional 4.2.16 Release Cristmas Edition | 16.49 Mb

The Bat is an e-mail application that supports multiple POP3 accounts, true multithreading, MIME and UUencode standards, multimedia, message templates, minimization to the system tray, message notification, APOP authorization, and PGP. You also will find a fast and comfortable message editor with text highlighting, as well as a mail dispatcher for managing messages on servers. English, Russian, German, Dutch, Polish, Swedish, Italian, Lithuanian, and Romanian interfaces are built in, as is a multilingual spelling checker. The application's other features include automatic dial-up networking (configurable for multiple accounts) and the option to include a photo with each address-book entry. There also are enhancements, such as message coloring, flagging, advanced filtering, speed improvements, and virus protection.

- Handling large volumes of e-mail
- Anti-spam Protection
- Efficient Antivirus Protection
- Unique MailTicker(TM)
- Comprehensive Scheduler
- Smart Sorting Office
- Handy Message Templates
- Quick Templates
- Microsoft Exchange Connectivity
- Message Parking
- Built-In Backup and Restore
- Mail Synchronisation
- Extended Support of National Codepages
- Convenient Message Dispatcher
- Fast Address Book
- Multilanguage Interface
- Submission Forms
- Strong Cryptography
- Powerful Import Wizard
- Supports Windows Vista.

Fast, Built-in Image Viewer
The Bat! has built-in image viewer supporting GIF, PNG, BMP, ICO, WMF, EMF and JPEG formats. You don't have to wait until an external image viewer gets loaded.

Changes in The Bat - 4.0.:
New Folder Tabs Interface
Folder Tabs interface is completely reworked in order to provide a new way to access various groups of folders and messages.
The new Folder Favorite sets allow keeping some specific folders and addresses together in a single list.
Address History tab in the Folder Tabs to keep track of people one is exchanging messages with.

Address History
You may setup the Address History to keep track of people you are messaging with. This way, you may quickly find messages from a particular person, know when you or she/he wrote you last time, etc. The setup wizard collects initial information from your existing message base, so you can start using the Address History right away. When you enable the Address History, you may access the list of recorded correspondents at the "Addresses" tab of the folder pane in the main program's window.

Modern Look
The main windows of the program have modern look:
• The tabs has new navigation controls;
• Headers and free space in windows have nice gradient background;
• Buttons in the header filed also look much nicer because they also support gradients;
• Removed unnecessary borders around graphic components, that helps to avoids visual clutter;
• The account section of the status bar has it's own customizable popup menu. The status bar has also an option to show the account log or have it hidden.

URL Manager for Retrieval of HTML Images in The Background
The Bat! now shows images in HTML messages referenced by http protocol. Noting the fact that this opportunity has been abused by data “phishers”, The Bat! Introduces sophisticated URL Manager to control the retrieval of messages not by folder or addressee, but by particular hosts or URLs.

Upgraded Text Editor
The MicroEd text editor is improved. Now it supports Unicode and all the available system fonts. You have the possibility to use different fonts for different elements of the message and benefit of the system-wide drag-and-drop option. We also added the Redo function and spell checking for multiple languages at once. Text search is equipped with new options. Message signature is highlighted.

Easier Support and Maintenance
The Bat! now sets %EMAIL% environment variable to its mail directory (where mail accounts and address books are kept on disk). You can now type %EMAIL% in the address location of Windows Explorer to quickly to The Bat! mail directory. This significantly simplifies technical support: the user is easily able to locate the mail directory right from Windows Explorer, regardless whether this directory in “Program Files” or “User’s data” folder, even if the user doesn’t exactly know where the mail directory actually is.

Capitalization of the Addressees’ Name
The first character is of the addressee’s name is automatically capitalized if the recipient is specified by e-mail only. For example, if you specify only "" in the "To:" line of a new message, it will now put "Hello Stefan," in the message text, and not "Hello stefan," as before. This is because of the new algorithm of %TOFName and related macros.

Advanced Image Viewer
The internal image viewer allows viewing all attached images in selected messages, navigating between images. It supports rotate, advanced resize and zoom algorithms and full screen mode. It now also supports JPEG images with 4-component color schemes (CMYK and YCCK). Such JPEG files can also displayed as embedded images of HTML messages.

Improved Speed
Message list sorting by "From", "To" or "Subject" column is now five times faster. The Bat! should also consume less memory because of fixed memory leaks.

Support of TNEF Format
Some attachments in a message forwarded from Outlook were neither visible nor accessible from The Bat!, because Outlook uses its own (TNEF) format for encapsulating attachments. These messages did contain winmail.dat or message.att file rather than the actually attached files.
The Bat! currently support extraction of regular files. TNEF can also include nested binary (Outlook IMessage) messages, Outlook meeting requests, Outlook delivery reports, and so on. Such binary Outlook objects are not yet extracted.

Smart Security Buttons
The buttons that appear in the header panel when you see a PGP or S/MIME message now display multiple properties of a message. For example, when a message is signed and encrypted, you will see a single button that combine both “signature” and “encryption” images.
The menu of this button works smarter: it shows the whole list of security actions available on this message (e.g. decrypt, show signature details, import certificate, etc). The most important action is marked by the bold font style. If you click the left mouse key on this security button, this important action is executed. If the message has more than one important action, the left mouse key then invokes the pop-up menu to give the user choice: which of the important actions to perform.

What's new?
[+] For S/MIME internal implementation, you can now use Elliptic Curves Cryptography in addition to RSA. You can choose between algorithms when generating a new certificate.
[+] New macros: %SoftwareVersion (same as %TheBatVersion) and %SoftwareSerialNumber (same as %TheBatSerialNumber)
[+] A new action in the filters to export an S/MIME signature, or a signing certificate, or information about certificate, to a file
[+] Sorting Office: possibility to define alternative paths for the "Extract attachments" action
[+] In an address book, when you import and address entry from an X.509 certificate, now the entry is created with the certificate within
[+] The Menu Mavigator buttons are now shown in the menu bars
[*] "Open Reply" automatically adds folders defined by filter Copy and Move actions to the scope
[*] The word "re-send" is changed to "resend" in menu items to facilitate search in the Menu Navigator
[*] "Capture addresses" action in the sorting office is renamed to "Add to address book"
[*] If an error occurs when creating message base index, The Bat! now reports the folder name in addition to the error message to let the user know what folder is troublesome
[-] MAPI library could give an AV on Exchange accounts when no MS Outlook was installed
[-] (#0007627) Some settings in HTML templates are not saved
[-] (#0007440) Images are not inserted from HTML Quick Template
[-] "Find Certificates" menu item of the Tools/Privacy menu didn't follow to certificates in an address book with groups
[-] When you click "Follow" in "find certificates" and get to list certificates from the user's account, the "View" button was disabled.
[-] The "View Folder" window didn't have the Menu Navigator in the "View" menu
[-] (#0002180) Menu navigator's icon (Question mark) is blinking
[-] (#0002309) Menu Navigator does not become unfocused when the window is unfocused
[-] (#0007772) AV when trying to apply a colour group to an account, when no folder is selected
[-] Fixed a caption ("Mozilla's Thunderbird" to "Mozilla Thunderbird") in the mailbox import wizard
[-] Updated default PGP public key
[-] When using S/MIME internal implementation, you can now import certificates included in a signature, but included to an encrypted message as well
[-] The "Find Certificates" feature didn't work with uppercase email addresses
[-] (#0000758) Error message is not displayed when TB! cannot delete the message because of lack of free disk space.
[-] There were an old bug of reading thebat.lng, which might in some cases cause slowness in reading thebat.lng file, if it was signed by an Authenticode signature
[-] (#0007511) HTML display problem
[-] (#0007807) Wrong images positioning in HTML letter
[-] If an error happens when compressing folders on exit, The Bat! now handles is gracefully
[-] (#0007812) Sorting Office: Icons have disappeared and an additional textbox has appeared
[-] Fixed a problem with column widths with Large Fonts
[-] (#0007810) Some messages cannot be printed
[-] (#0007699) Some Macros didn't work when followed by "%-" then a line break and some text
[-] (#0007238) Reply to a message limited to its title (body being void), Access Violation appears using HTML editor
[-] (#0007712) HTML editor inserts wrong font families
[-] (#0005717) "Open Reply" does not find reply in common folder
[-] (#0006374) Large hyperlinks is not working
[-] (#0007775) Improve rendering of some HTML tags
[-] (#0006707) Position of "Table properties" is not centered by default and new position is not saved
[-] (#0007731) Sorting possibilities in the Address Picker dialogue were not the same as in the Address Book
[-] (#0007806) Double inherited parameters for float boxes in HTML weren't displayed properly
[-] (#0007696) same HTMLs disappears after a second
[-] (#0007833) Set user char set for HTML messages
[-] Lost images from quick templates
[-] The "Use S/MIME" and "Use OpenPGP" options were not enabled in the editor during a reply
[-] The option to display Menu Navigator button on the window title bar is now renamed and also affects the button on the menu bar
[-] The "Menu Navigator" was always disabled unless theme services were enabled.

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