Tekpub : Mastering NHibernate

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Tekpub : Mastering NHibernate
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Author: Ayende | 8 episodes/387 mins | Released: October 15 2009
Genre: eLearning

In this series Ayende integrates NHibernate into Kona (the MVC Storefront) and during the process shows Rob how NHibernate works.

1 - Getting Started
In this episode I give a brief intro to ORMs and NHibernate and talk about it's place in the .NET world. Ayende and I then hook NHibernate up to Kona and talk about the various "issues" that people face when getting started with NHibernate. Ayende shows me NHProf (which is awesome) and I run my first query.
2 - Basic Mapping

In this episode Ayende takes me deeper into the NHibernate jungle, showing me how to hook up self-referencing joines, one to many, and many to many associations. We then use NHProfiler to examine what we're doing, and Ayende then walks me through a whole host of ways to optimize our queries and in the process blows my mind.
3 - Fluent NHibernate

In this episode I take a look at FluentNHibernate while Ayende is off at a conference. I show how you can kick XML to the curb, configuring things with code and mapping with a groovy fluent interface using FluentNhibernate.
4 - Basic Optimizations

In this episode Ayende reflects on FluentNhibernate a bit, and then shows me how to take 4 queries and mash them into one to optimize the Kona homepage, bending NHibernate to my will.
5 - Inheritance with Discriminators and IUserType

In this episode Ayende and I fix a bug cause by our previous use of Future() using Transformers and then look at ways to implement the StatePattern.
6 - Complex Statistical Queries

In this episode Ayende walks me through setting up a triple-nested Co-Occurrence query using NHibernate. Note that this is an example and you probably wouldn't want to do this in production - it's fun nonetheless to see what NHibernate can do!
7 - Transactions and Raw SQL
In this episode Oren shows me how to wire up Transaction support right into the fabric of ASP.NET MVC using Action Filters, and we get ugly with raw SQL and NHibernate's Named Queries.8 - Search

In this episode we try 3 types of search: Bad with Contains(), using FullText Indexing with Microsoft Full Text, and Lucene. Note: there is a LOT more to be said about Lucene but in this episode we focus on getting it working with NHibernate.

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