Metris 5 MULTi2-FASiSO / Metris 5 MULTi2-FAS

Games. July 5, 2010 at 22:19 by SCOUT-7.
Metris 5 MULTi2-FASiSO / Metris 5 MULTi2-FAS
Metris 5 MULTi2-FASiSO | 520.43 MB

Metris 5 MULTi2-FAS | 86.65 MB

This game is a crappy Tetris clone, here is the website propaganda

Metris 5 is the latest challenge to any fan of the famous block game. In total, there are 5 different game modes available

"Classic" is the classical, well known game mode, "New Art" brings wildcards and other tokens. In "Colors" you have to sort the tiles by their colors. In "Ruins" there are hostile tokens that try to hinder you In "Ghost" additional rows will appear suddenly if you are too slow

Try to position and stack the animated and colorful tokens skillfully to get the biggest score

- 5 different game modes
- Animierted tole sets
- Many different tokens and backgrounds available
- 10 different studio recorded sounds
- Highscore to any game mode
- Video sequences
- Lots of hidden extras

NOTE: Change the language in the Options menu (Sprache / Language)


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MUD.TV-FAS | 195.29 MB

FAS released RIP for this game too, to bad i got corrupt archive :D no download link from me

NFO - Homepage

My Pet Dinosaur-FASiSO / My Pet Dinosaur-FAS

Games. May 19, 2010 at 03:39 by CONFiG.
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  • My Pet Dinosaur-FASiSO / My Pet Dinosaur-FAS

    My Pet Dinosaur-FASiSO | 14.89 MB

    My.Pet.Dinosaur.Covers-FASDOX 9.1 MB

    My.Pet.Dinosaur-FAS 12.85 MB

    Your very own prehistoric pets for Pc! Bored of hamsters and guinea pig? Want something more exciting than a kitten? Have the coolest pet in town with My Pet Dinosaur! Look after it and it and it'll be an epic friend forever!

    - Choose your favourite Dino spec
    - Explore 12 locations including the park and down town
    - Wash, feed and stroke your pet
    - Test your dino skills in 3 different challenge events!
    - Catch mystery gifts and gig up hidden treasure
    - Meet up and play with dino pals
    - Dress your dino in hats and glasses, and find toys for them to play with.
    - Over 20 items to find and collect