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  • Second self cover album from T.M.Revolution features 15 tracks decided on the basis of request. Lots of guest artists join to create this album such as the GazettE, JESSE (from RIZE), Tomoyasu Hotei, May J. and more.

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    Genre: Pop

    T.M.Revolutionのセルフカバーベストアルバム第2弾! デビューシングル「独裁-monopolize-」から、最新シングル「FLAGS」まで、T.M.R.の全楽曲 (「UNDER:COVER」収録楽曲を除く)を対象に収録曲15曲のリクエストを募集。 今回のアレンジャーには、浅倉大介、岸利至、柴崎浩、HOME MADE家族、大島こうすけ、I.N.A.、VERBAL、松谷卓、kz (livetune)、Tom-H@CK、UZUMAKI・・・と非常にバラエティに富んだアーティストが名を連ね、the GazzetE、JESSE (from RIZE)、布袋寅泰、May J.など、豪華メンバーがゲスト参加。新たな息吹を与えられたT.M.R.の楽曲を存分に楽しめる1枚。

    CD & DVD Tracklist
    1. LEVEL 4 (Arranged by UZUMAKI / Guest Artist UZUMAKI)
    2. Aoi Hekireki (蒼い霹靂) (Arranged by Toshiyuki Kishi / Guest Artist Tomoyasu Hotei)
    3. IMITATION CRIME (Arranged by Ken Harada / Guest Artist JESSE(RIZE))
    4. INVOKE (Arranged by kz (livetune))
    5. last resort (Arranged by Kohsuke Oshima / Guest Artist May J.)
    6. Dokusai -monopolize- (独裁 -monopolize-) (Arranged by Daisuke Asakura / Guest Artist TATSUYA)
    7. Totteoki no Hanashi~Shinei Renai Shinkaron (とっておきのおはなし~新説恋愛進化論) (Arranged by Shibasaki Hiroshi)
    8. O.L (Arranged by Satoru Suzuki / Guest Artist Yasuharu Nakanishi)
    9. Burnin' X'mas (Arranged by INA)
    10. SHAKIN' LOVE (Arranged by IKUO / Guest Artist the GazettE, Masayuki Hasuo(385, bonanzas))
    11. Out Of Orbit ~Triple ZERO~ (Arranged by SHINGO(Agitato))
    12. WILD RUSH (Arranged by VERBAL(m-flo) / Guest Artist VERBAL(m-flo))
    13. Albireo -アルビレオ- (Arranged by Tom-H@ck)
    14. vestige -ヴェスティージ- (Arranged by Suguru Matsutani)
    15. Tomorrow Meets Resistance (Arranged by HOME MADE 家族 / Guest Artist HOME MADE 家族)

    BONUS CD (Limited editions A-C):
    1. Meteor (ミーティア) (we packed with BONUS DVD)

    T.M.Revolution LIVE Inazuma Rock Fest 2012 (イナズマロックフェス2012)
    1. FLAGS
    2. Aoi Hekireki (蒼い霹靂)
    3. LEVEL 4
    4. Totteoki no Ohanashi ~ Shinsetsu Renai Shinkaron (とっておきのおはなし~新説恋愛進化論)
    5. Naked arms
    7. The party must go on
    8. Chikara ni Kaete feat. Miguel (チカラにかえて)
    9. Shoshuriki no Uta feat. Miguel (消臭力のうた)
    10. Lakers feat. MICRO (from HOME MADE Kazoku)
    11. Tomorrow Meets Resistance feat. HOME MADE Kazoku

    size: 162.13Mb (320cd) 613Mb (flac) 3.92 GB (iso)

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