T-ARA JAPAN TOUR 2012 - Jewelry Box - LIVE IN BUDOKAN (Japan Version) 2012 MBluray

Japanese, Korean. December 15, 2012 by ranikid.
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  • In 2012, Korean female group T-ara wrapped up their first Japanese concert tour in the sacred Nippon Budokan. Now, see the glamorous concert in its entirety with the Jewelry Box – LIVE IN BUDOKAN home video release!
    This edition includes a special hour-long interview.

    IS / Blu-Ray
    Genre: Pop Dance
    Size: 41.10 GB

    Track List:
    2. Roly-Poly (Japanese ver.)
    3. ウェイロニ (Japanese ver.)
    5. MC
    6. yayaya (Japanese ver.)
    7. VTR
    8. コジンマル~嘘~ (Japanese ver.)
    9. Cry Cry (Japanese ver.)
    10. MC
    11. VTR
    12. Price Tag ~アルム SOLO STAGE
    13. VTR
    14. Choo Choo TRAIN ~ジヨン・ウンジョン・ヒョミン UNIT STAGE
    15. VTR
    16. キューティーハニー ~ソヨン SOLO STAGE
    17. VTR
    18. 会いたかった ~ボラム・キュリ UNIT STAGE
    19. VTR
    20. LOVE ME!~あなたのせいで狂いそう (Japanese ver.)
    21. Breaking Heart~私がとても痛くて (Japanese ver.)
    22. Apple is A (Japanese ver.)
    23. MC
    24. Bo Peep Bo Peep (Japanese ver.)
    25. 初めてのように
    26. Bye Bye
    27. VTR
    28. DAY BY DAY
    29. T.T.L~Time to Love~ (Japanese ver.)
    30. MC
    31. Lovey-Dovey (Japanese ver.)
    32. VTR (ENCORE)
    33. Roly-Poly (Japanese ver.) (ENCORE)
    34. yayaya (Japanese ver.) (ENCORE)
    35. Lovey-Dovey (Japanese ver.) (ENCORE)

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    @ranikid... Thank You sooo much... I was stuck... I checked on the uploaded net links, they are online but for some reason I could not buy their premium (the verification code sent failed). And the reseller in my country ran out of their premium and not sure when they are going to re fill... OOOO..... Start downloading now, wish they are not going to delete again... :D
    link online again, enjoy! :)


    • chiyo
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    are all the files in yahoo have been deleted? or the single files? every time I access the download links it gave me an error message that the file has expired or deleted by its owner? Could admin please check? Thank You
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    • falconsyc
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    • [14 December 2012 17:47]
    wohoo... Loved this concert. Have been watching it over and over (HDTV version). Can not wait for the Bluray.Thank You