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MACOSX. February 13, 2011 by Muawia.

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Synchronize! Pro X is a professional-strength system backup and file synchronization utility for Mac OS X. Synchronize! Pro X has many uses. As an example, you can use Synchronize! Pro X to backup your OS X startup disk to another hard disk, so that the backup disk is bootable. Update your backup with “Fast scan” enabled, and it will be done 10X faster!. You can sync your home folder with a file server, or your PowerBook, or a FireWire disk, so that the files on both are up-to-date. Synchronize! Pro X is specifically engineered for OS X, taking advantage of the modern properties of the operating system, such as pre-emptive multitasking, and supporting the full capabilities of the file system, including 255-character Unicode file names and OS X file permissions. Files are copied at the maximum speed possible, using pre-emptive multitasking to full advantage. It makes bootable backups of OS X system disks, without logging in as ‘root’. “Fast scan” makes updating a bootable backup incredibly quick, and real-time folder watching starts backups when files are changed. Old files can be archived rather than deleted. The status of backups can be monitored and accessed from any web browser and email can be sent when backups happen, don’t happen or have errors.

Synchronize! Pro X actions can be scheduled to be performed at night or at any preset time, once or periodically, without anyone present. Passwords can be supplied automatically for file server connections.

PPC / Intel, Mac OS X 10.4 or later

Version 6.2 February 11, 2011
Added the ability to choose invisible files in “Copy only folders” and “Don’t copy folders” in the Option menu. Hold down the Option key when clicking “Add” to show invisible files.
Added a checkbox to the “Warnings” page of the Preferences to disable a warning when folders in “Don’t copy folders” in the Option menu can’t be found. The warning is enabled by default.
Changed the “Remove from list” button in the Files To Copy window to “Don’t copy this time”, for better clarity. Changed the “Don’t copy” button to “Don’t copy always”. The “Don’t copy always” button adds a permanent entry to the setup to prevent the file or folder from being copied.
Changed AutoSync to wait for a volume to be mounted or unmounted for 5 seconds before auto-starting a sync or backup.
Fixed a crash which could occur if a scheduled backup occurs while a folder scan is running.
Very old modification dates are now displayed as “—” in the Files To Copy window, as they are in the Finder.
Fixed a problem with the display of the arrow in the Files To Copy window, for folders whose names are different only in case. Previously, the arrow always pointed in only one direction.
Fixed a problem which could cause some files to not be correctly handled in a synchronization when the files were copied from right to left.
Fixed a problem when “Copy only folders” is used with “Multiple Items”. Folders are now correctly excluded.


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