Studio-Scrap 4.1.6 (English/French)

Software, Graphic & Design. July 4, 2012 by samura1.

STUDIO-SCRAP is a scrapbooking software allowing you to create customized photo collages, layouts , birthday cards, and all kind of cards and paper objects on your computer.

Studio-Scrap 4.1.6 (English/French)
Using a software to do scrapbooking, instead of papers, and scissors will lead you to digital scrapbooking, which is scrapbooking with a computer.

But it will allow you also to prepare the backgrounds and first layers of your projects, which you can then finish with 3D elements, like buttons or ribbons, glitter glue and so on, and it that case, you have hybrid scrapbooking.Another clever choice many make is to use your scrapbooking and photo editing software to edit, reframe, recolor and reshape your photos before creating a paper scrapbooking layout.

Besides scrapbooking, you can use your software on a daily basis for every creative graphical works that you need to do. You can design your own recipe cards, greeting cards, charity events posters or flyers, and print them or have them printed by a local supplier...

Indeed when you buy STUDIO-SCRAP, you get a very very large library containing the following elements:
- 400 page templates that you can use to start a page or a poster. You can use them as such or modify them as much as you want and when you want to suit your needs or preferences
- More than 340 high resolution papers and backgrounds (like wallpapers, imitation leather, sand, fabrics, japanese patterns to name only a few). You can use them as backgrounds and also to decorate your layouts, adding more style and depth to your designs
- More than 220 embellishments and lines to decorate your pages.
- These cliparts contains drawings, buttons, paper clips, flowers and many others to enhance your creations.
- More than 1000 original picture shapes to trim your photos.
- Use the simple and geometrical shapes for your pictures, or the more complex ones to decorate your works. This is like 1000 hole punchers, plus 1000 stamps, plus 1000 cutting templates! Just start to imagine what you can do with out that!
- Stylized alphabets.
- Those drop caps are there for you to use for your titles, or embellishments. Use the letters and digits to create unique titles.


I recommend you follow the steps below very carefully to make this app work:
- Unpack and install the program.
- At the end of the install launch, it'll start updating the app automatically. Cancel it!
- Run the program, and choose "I've puschased it and have my serial number"
- Fill the Last Name (it's essential to fill last name) You can screw other info in reg form.
- When it requires you to enter serial number, copy your machine ID from the reg screen into the keygen with your last name you already entered in the form.
- Importantly, they must be matched to get your serial number!
- When you get your serial number and copyit into registration screen, you'll notice it won't match and one piece missing on registration form. Thus it's not accepted.
- In the missing piece write this letter in to the missing piece "O" this is not number carefully, It must be letter!
- Click on next, and wait for the verification. When it's done click again next. We've come the most important step.
- Because you'll probably jump into this by copying debrid number in to registration screen. If you do that, the program work in trial mode! Please pay attention.
- This is the second bug i've come across in this keygen. However we'll work it out.
- A pop-up that includes a 8 digit key will show up in the reg screen. Accept it. It'll show up in your reg screen automatically so just be patient and don't ever copy debrid code from keygen in to the reg screen!
- Now you'll notice that your app is fully registered. When you run the program now, it'll ask you to update it, don't be tense about it, your reg info won't get lost. You can update it flawlessly.
- I worked really hard on this app, spend some time trying to figure out the problem with keygen but worked it out somehow.
- It's been too long install info here but i hope you enjoy the app!

Download File

Here you can download files online. Unlimited access to all sources file with one click direct download link!
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  • [4-07-2012]
  • nobby
  • [4 July 2012 14:15]
yeah, i got it :-)
thanks again samurai :-)
i m just to fast, but now, i see, its very easy, just follow your steps carefully :-)
You have to be stubborn to make this app work really. Not a really strong keygen but if you try enough it eventually works, even though it takes too much patience.
  • Jason
  • [4 July 2012 14:02]
im doing all fine


  • nobby
  • [4 July 2012 13:59]
dont know what i doing wrong, but now, the trial is blown away...
ok ok ok :-)))
thanks for your help :-)
at this time the popup come, hmmm, yeah :-)
  • nobby
  • [4 July 2012 13:56]
ok, normally i get everything to work, but this baby i have a real problem...
first, i take my last name, put the machine id to keyg., then generate the serial, i put it on regscreen, the missing "_" i put letter o inside, then i go to next page, is this page who want aktivation code, whats the next step, there not shown a popup....
maybe i m just to stupid for this ....
Your serial number should show up on the reg screen then you just have to accept it.
  • nobby
  • [4 July 2012 13:43]
ok, now i m stop at the reg window with debit code...
at this window , nothing happen...
what i have to do now?
  • Jason
  • [4 July 2012 13:40]
lol fuck it the only things i messed up is this part:
- In the missing piece write this letter in to the missing piece "_" this is not number carefully, It must be letter!

only confused this parts all fine :D


Glad you got it working. You know i installed this app 4 times on my pc, tried to figure out what i was doing wrong but finally got it working :D It was hard but worth it.
  • nobby
  • [4 July 2012 13:14]
hi again, now i found my mistake, and get it working finally :-)
thanks a lot samurai :-)
  • nobby
  • [4 July 2012 12:59]
ok, i install it, then start it, put my last name, and put the machine id into keygen, then generate serial, want put the serial from keygen into reg form, and there is my problem, coz. not all numbers from keygen (13digits) i can put into regform...
can you help me please :-)
  • nobby
  • [4 July 2012 12:45]
yeah, i look at your info, but i dont get it work ....
make me a bit headache :-)
i try many many times....
I've explained this on the article please take a look at carefully. You'll sort it out :)
  • nobby
  • [4 July 2012 11:19]
hi there, how to do, with keygen, at serial there is missing a number in regform, i can put only 12 numbers, but need all 13 from keygen, how i can do ??