Stronghold Crusader 2 Update v1.0.19369-FLTDOX

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Stronghold Crusader 2 Update v1.0.19369 FireFly Studios

Update Notes

Balance Changes
- Wood Camp footprint reduced to 2x3 tiles.
- Wood Camp cost reduced to 10 wood.
- Updated starting troops for all AI Lords.
- Updated all AI Lords' castles.
- AI Lords will now randomly select their castle size and rotation when starting Custom Skirmish or Multiplayer games.
- AI Lords will now try to build the largest castle size possible within the available free space in Custom Skirmish and Multiplayer games.
- Skirmish Trail missions rebalanced to curb rushing the AI Lords
1 Breath of the Infidel - Pit of Despair
2 Desert Heat - Isolation
3 Way of the Warrior - Lord of The Desert, The Two Brothers and Hope Springs
4 A Trail of Tears - Mighty River, Predator and Sands of Time
5 Hell's Teeth - The Peninsula and To The Summit

Bug Fixes
- Fixed Slowdown caused by no trees or wood being available on the map for Woodcutters.
- Fixed Players receiving a popularity bonus for multiple food types when rations are set to 0.
- Fixed Players' estates being changed on the mini-map when they were added or removed from a team.
- Fixed Players that aren't in a team in Skirmish and Multiplayer games not being kicked out on game start.
- Fixed Multiplayer game lobby not showing correct values for clients when they first join the game.
- Fixed Greatest Lord screen being available in non-skirmish missions.
- Fixed Issues with Ranger's animation and props.
- Fixed Exploit where placing a free wood camp would refund half the cost in wood.
- Fixed Village estates colour issues in the Map Editor.
- Fixed Various crashes

Misc Changes
- Added support for changing available keyboard layouts using ALTSHIFT

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