Storm Over the Pacific-SKIDROW / Storm Over the Pacific RIP-Unleashed

Games, PC Games. June 17, 2010 by CONFiG.

Storm Over the Pacific-SKIDROW | 385.73 MB

Storm Over the Pacific RIP-Unleashed | 260.87 MB

Storm Over the Pacific is a strategy/simulation game that takes place during 1937-1945. It depicts the conflict between the Japanese Empire, the USA and other allies during World War II. Choose from 26 available countries with their precise army structure. You can concentrate on controlling one country or govern a few to feel like a leader of the whole alliance, or to fight with yourself. Thanks to this kind of freedom the Storm Over the Pacific offers you hundreds of hours of entertaining gameplay.

Features list:

• World War 2 Asian and Pacific theatre (China, Burma, India, US western coast, Australia, Philippines, Malaya, Indonesia, Siberia, Pacific islands and surrounding waters, Pacific ocean and part of Indian Ocean)
• 4 big campaigns (Pacific 1941, Australia 1942, China 1937 and 1941)
• 10 different maps
• Ten smaller scenarios
• Time line 1939 -1948
• Day - week timescale (depending on scenario)
• Almost 30 countries
• Possibility to play as any country or as combination of any countries
• Hundreds of historical events
• 16 types of units
• Combined Land, Air and Naval Combat
• Balanced naval system
• Fully historical, detailed orders of battle
• Historical names for all units
• Historical commanders
• Customized graphics for major countries (sprites and counters)
• Operative A.I.
• Military building oriented economic system
• Diplomacy focused on main alliances
• Technological race and Atomic bomb
• Logistics system (supply dependent units)
• Weather system (snow, spring and autumn rainfalls)
• Fog of War (customizable)
• Mutiplyer (HotSeat and PBEM)
• Ease of modding
• Extended game editor
• Event editor
• Over 60 minutes of music

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Nice game.. problem is IT DOESN'T RUN!
Thanks to ALL!!!