STOIK Imagic v4.0.3.4

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STOIK Imagic v4.0.3.4
STOIK Imagic v4.0.3.4

STOIK Imagic v4.0.3.4 // ROGUE
STOIK Imagic 4.0 - Integrated browser, viewer, photo and video editor

STOIK Imagic 4.0 combines functions of a photo browser, viewer, image and video editor - everything you need for manipulating your digital photos, from archiving to correction, printing, and generation of slideshow, web album, or even a puzzle game

Over 20,000,000 copies distributed by OEM customers including Samsung Techwin, Ricoh, Pinnacle Systems, CeWe Color, Telepix…*

What's new in version 4.0

Photo Organizing
- Scanning computer for images and building thumbnails in background
- Automatic image rotation based on capture information from camera
- Organize by calendar date (date of creation, modification or taken)
- Organize by custom tags
- Image Basket
- Photo improvement wizard
- CD burning (photos, videos, Web albums and Slideshow)
- Face extraction
- Show on map for photos containing GPS info

Photo Editing
- Non-Destructive Dark Room tool
- Highlights/shadows adjustment
- Automatic ISO noise fixing
- Latest version of STOIK Automatic red eye removing tool
- Lens correction
- CD/DVD inlay and label templates for cropping
- Advanced JPEG Saver
- Poster printing

- Panorama creation
- Dynamic Slide Show executable creation
- Paint by Numbers project creation

Video Editing
- Automatic Brightness, Contrast and Hue corrections
- Video clip rotation
- Video deinterlacing

Key Features
This unique application combines functions of thumbnail browser, photo viewer, image and video editor.

Get all media files automatically organized. Easily find and access them in various ways:
Even if your digital photos and videos are scattered all over your computer, STOIK Imagic 4.0 automatically organizes them all for your convenience. New very fast indexing algorithm scans thousands of image and video files on your computer in few minutes.
You can access your media files either using the Folder Browser, or switch to Calendar Browser (new) which displays your photos and videos organized by years, months, and days, or use Tags Browser mode to easily locate files you stamped with certain tag or category.

Quality enhancement wizard (new):
New Improvement Wizard is available directly in Browser to help you quickly solve common quality problems with the photos such as underexposure, noise, red eye, orientation. Select multiple photos, launch the wizard, and photos will be taken through a quality enhancement pipeline.

Develop RAW and flat photo files with non-destructive Dark Room tool (new):
Imagic Dark Room offers both professionals and hobbyists a complete set of enhancement tools and export options. In the Dark Room all image adjustments are saved as a set of enhancement parameters associated with the image, the original image is always kept intact. Advanced JPEG export in Imagic Dark Room allows optimizing the output image quality, and provides significant (up to 1.5 times) reduction of JPEG file size compared to same quality JPEGs created with other software tools.

Edit Your Photos Using Built-in Full-Feature Image Editor

Adjust and enhance your photos with more powerful tools:
Besides of a lot of automatic tools for adjustment such as Auto Levels, Auto Colors, Auto Contrast, NoiseAfx (new), Imagic suggests a set of special tools such as Skin Makeup, Lens Correction, Exposure, Color Variations and more. Unique Retouch Brush allows you hide small photo defects, and Remove Red Eye tool in manual mode allows you remove red eyes, which can be detected automatically. Even your old scanned photos can be improved with Correct Scanned Photo tool!

Easily align and crop photos with document photo templates:
STOIK Imagic 4.0 offers the easiest-ever Horizon tool to straighten and align your photos. The advanced Crop tool allows fast and easy preparation of document photos with support of various templates.

Have fun with multiple artistic effects:
STOIK Imagic 4.0 offers rich collection of artistic effects to help you turn your photo into a piece of art, create an imitation of oil painting, hand drawing, add frames, edges, or borders, and much more.

Be creative with your photos:
STOIK Imagic 4.0 is loaded with a comprehensive collection of tools for creative design with your photos, use them to create photographic frames, edges, balloons, clipart, greetings cards, calendars, and more. Decorate your images using powerful drawing tools, including various brushes, shapes, text etc.

Create visual games from photos:
STOIK Imagic 4.0 allows you to create and play visual games - jigsaw puzzle, fifteen puzzle, and swap puzzle - made from your photos.

Make panoramas with one click (new):
Imagic Browser offers a one-click panorama creator - you need only to select the photos and run Panorama command, the software will automatically sort photos, exclude non-matching photos, and automatically build a seamlessly stitched panorama image.

Share your favorite photos:
STOIK Imagic 4.0 allows you to upload your photos to your Google-Picasa online photo album, send photos by e-mail, burn them on CD (new), create web album and dynamic slide show (new). Imagic gives you advanced printing options so that you can optimize print layout to save paper space, select different print sizes and options with instant preview. Imagic provides integration with Windows Online Printing wizard to help you easily place print order in your nearest shop. Dynamic slide shows can be played with music, saved as an executable, sent via e-mail, burned to CD, or used as a screensaver. Web Album can be saved on your computer, CD or uploaded to your web site.

Create Your Own Movies with Integrated Video Editor
Unlike any other photo manipulation software STOIK Imagic 4.0 has integrated video editor, and you can edit your videos in Imagic as easily as you edit photos. The Video Editor of Imagic is organized so that you can easily follow a step-by-step movie creation process:

- Select photos and videos in Imagic Browser and click Video Editor to bring all selected media files to a story board (movie project sequence) of Imagic Video Editor. Or switch first to Video Editor mode and drag-drop media files to story board.
- Correct brightness/contrast, rotation (new) and durations of media clips.
- Apply effects and transitions between media clips - manually or automatically.
- Add animated or static titles if needed.
- Record and add voice-over narration, add any audio file to the audio track.
- Preview and produce your movie in any of multiple supported video formats.

Features List

Photo Organizing

- Digital camera autodownload wizard (WIA and DCF support)
- Scanners support
- File browser
- Organize by calendar date (date of creation, modification or taken)
- Organize by custom tags
- Sort thumbnails by data of taken, created and modified, file name, format and size, DCF file number
- Video and music clip organizing
- View embedded camera info (EXIF)
- Adding comments to JPEG and TIFF file
- Panorama creation
- Collage creation
- RAW file format support
- Photo improvement wizard
- E-mail sharing (photos, videos, Web albums and Slide Show)
- CDs burning (photos, videos, Web albums and Slide Show)
- HTML album creation
- Slide Show executable creation
- Screen Saver creation
- Animated GIF playback
- Video and music clips playback
- Batch renaming, resizing and rotation
- Face extraction

Photo Editing
- Standard editing tools such as red eye removal, rotate, resize, flip, crop, adjust lighting and color
- Image straightening with Horizon tool
- Brushes with paper selection, various forms and types
- Cloning tool
- Unique Retouch Brush allows you hide small photo defects
- Highlights/shadows adjustment
- Lens distortion correction
- Text with shadows
- Rectangle, ellipse, polygon, lasso selections with soft edges
- Conversion to 1-bit, 4-bit, 8-bit color, 8 and 16 bit grayscale, 24 and 48 bit truecolor
- Cliparts tool
- Edges and frames tools
- Collage tool with editable layers masks
- White balance and Exposure compensation tools
- Skin Makeup tool
- Advanced Crop tool with document photo, CD label and Inlay templates
- Slide Show executable creation
- Special enhancement tool for scanned photos
- Photo games creation
- Full 48-bit images support

Video Editing
- Step-by-step creation process - never get lost
- Video story board
- Scenes splitting and trimming
- Titles inserting
- Scrolling titles
- Transitions between scenes
- Special effects filters
- Brightness, Contrast, Hue corrections
- Video rotation
- Audio track insertion
- Narration
- Mute audio
- Windows Media support
- Output using installed Windows codecs

System requirements
- Windows® 2000/XP/Vista
- Intel® Pentium® III, AMD® AthlonЃE800 or above CPU
- 310 MB free hard disk space
- 512 MB RAM (for Windows® XP), 1 GB RAM (for Windows Vista)
- 16-bit or higher color display at 1024 x 768


(Size: 45.17 MB)

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