Star Ruler v1.2.0.0 GAME-JAGUAR

Games, PC Games. May 30, 2012 by Jason.

Your weapons, your ships, your rules: Almost the entire game can be modified through Notepad! Easily add new models and particle effects to the game with “out-of-the-box” developer tools. Create new weapons in seconds; create new AIs through scripts! The Galaxy is yours!

Take command of a vast interstellar empire and safeguard your species from total extinction in a procedurally generated 3D galaxy (with the option to flatten it) from 1 System to 10,0000+! Prove your species' ingenuity through a deep and intricate combat system where anything (from individual components on ships to the stars themselves) is a target of opportunity.

Twist other Empires into submitting to your galaxy-class wit with diplomacy and wheel-and-deal your way to supremacy.

Research new kinds of weapons, engines, shields, and more, all of which retain their unique benefits as the game progresses, with a research web whose contents are shuffled every game at your option.

Exploit interstellar phenomenae such as asteroid belts and stars and exploit them for yourself or destroy them to deny your foes. Create and destroy new worlds through advanced technological research.

Match your strategy against up to 10 other opponents (online or LAN-linked). Save the game when dawn breaks and boot it back up at dusk. It isn't over until you say it is! Drop in and drop out at any point; disconnecting players will not disrupt the game!

A Masterpiece in Progress. As time wears on, new gameplay features, art, and GUI improvements will be added into the game through patches as time and money allows. Race Creation; Non-Player Factions; Terraforming; more Ship Sets; Deeper Diplomacy; Deep Planetary Invasion; these features and much, much more to come!

Built 3/20/2012
[Fixed] Fix being able to trade research back and forth infinitely.
[Fixed] Fix colonizers with weapons never firing at anything.
[Fixed] Fix crash related to buildings being destroyed in OnGlobalDamage events.
[Fixed] Fix crash when planets marked for autocolonization get destroyed.
[Fixed] Batched ship construction orders would not repeat correctly.
[Fixed] Rally points on dry docks would not save.
[Fixed] Fix some inaccuracies in the german translation.
[Fixed] Fix engines never activating when boarding a disabled ship.
[Fixed] Fix importing blueprints with no automation orders resetting to default automation.
[Fixed] Fix crash related to loading transfer orders.
[Fixed] Fix player-controlled ships in the galaxy not being visible when joining an MP game in progress.
[Fixed] Rennovating the same structure multiple times will now only occur once. (Duplicates will be removed when they are started)
[Fixed] Many simple data types in scripts were calling destructors needlessly.
[Fixed] Many simple data types in scripts were also using reference counting needlessly.
[Fixed] Fixed a crash in treaties.
[Fixed] Possibly fixed mousing over objects that weren't near the cursor.
[Fixed] Fixed star surface animation on newer NVIDIA drivers.
[Fixed] The Automate Research setting was not being saved if there was no queued research.
[Fixed] AIs are smarter about trade-per-second agreements.
[Fixed] Fixed some abusable aspects of the trade-per-second agreements.
[Balanced] Repair rates on nano armor are more sensible now.
[Balanced] Reverse inductors and Mind Sappers now use correct level scaling so they aren't uncounterable.
[Changed] Planetary shields now block chemical bomb damage to population.
[Changed] Updated AngelScript to the most recent version.
[Changed] Shields now wobble less and are less opaque until attacked.
[Changed] Improved error reporting for missing shader constants.
[Added] Added AngelScript JIT compiler! Significantly improves the performance of many aspects of the game, leading to generally improved framerate.
[Added] Added two new race portraits courtesy of Hazzard!
[Added] The Particle Editor and Model Configurator now have customizable backgrounds (see Game Data/EditorBackgrounds.txt), and can return to the main menu and quit from the interface.


Unpack release, install use exe to run game.


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