Star Ruler v1.0.1.2 full-THETA

Games. September 29, 2010 by Bidadari.

Star Ruler v1.0.1.2 full-THETA | 129.34 MB

Ever wanted to rule the galaxy? Now's your chance!
Take command of a vast interstellar empire and safeguard your species from total extinction. Prove your species' ingenuity through a deep and intricate combat system where anything (from individual components on ships to the stars themselves) is a target of opportunity.
Utilize your silver tongue to twist other Empires into submitting under your galaxy-class wit with a complex and full-featured diplomacy system or wheel-and-deal your way to supremacy.

Research deadly new weapons, new engines, shields, and more with a research web whose contents are shuffled with every game.
Explore vast interstellar phenomenae such as black holes and asteroid belts and exploit them for yourself or destroy them to deny your foes.
Match your wits with up to 10 online or LAN-linked opponents, save the game when dawn breaks, and boot it back up at dusk. It isn't over until you say it is!
Mod the game to suit your playstyle! Your weapons, your ships, your rules. Almost the entire game can be modified entirely through an editor as simple as notepad. Easily add new models and particle effects to the game with a robust set of out-of-the-box developer tools.

• Vast, Procedurally Generated Galaxies
- Choose however many systems you desire; you are limited only by the speed of your cpu
- Rich, diverse, planets whose type, size, number of moons, and other characteristics vary
- Full 3D too much to handle? Flatten maps for ease of interaction
- Alter the Galaxy throughout the game with advanced technology
• Intricate Ship Design and Exciting Combat
- Massive ship battles fought in real-time with particle effects and directional damage
- Ships whose individual components can be compromised, destroyed, disabled, repaired, and renovated
- Ships depend on key components to keep functioning, and failures can lead to catastrophic explosions which can turn the tide of battle
- Add components that modify the behavior of connected components, such as added health from bulkheads, or faster firing from coolant systems
- Save and load your custom ships and settings to your profile for easy importation and exportation.
- Fully simulated newtonian physics
• Unique Research System
- Unique Web-Like Research system with unexpected discoveries around every turn
- Choose between a structured, static web, or a highly varied web each game
- Develop technologies that lead to different strategies, rather than simply better tools
• Easy to use interface, complex gameplay
- Govern your planets with a simple yet powerful interface to customize the behavior of your worlds
- Numerous easy-to-use interfaces which provide quick solutions to specific problems
- Customize the GUI via scripting; add new windows, or change pre-existing interface behavior
• Engaging AI Opponents
- Choose from various levels of difficulty, with optional 'cheating' AIs
- Watch for the AIs to attempt different strategies to defeat their opponents
- Counter their new ship designs, as they adapt their designs to counter your own
- Engage in complex diplomatic interaction with your opponents
• Extensive Modding Support
- Modify data files and scripts in any editor as simple as Notepad
- Use developer tools to create particle effects and configure imported models
- Smart use of AngelScript allows users to create entirely new gamemodes, gameplay, and online experiences
- All files from the base game are readily available to learn from
• Multiplayer: Co-Op, Team, and Free-for-all
- Play with as many competitors as your server can manage, with drop-in-drop-out compatibility
- Supports both internet and LAN play
- Dedicated Servers
- Standard server controls
- Seamless transitioning: Multiplayer games can be saved and then played in Singleplayer and then brought back up in Multiplayer
• Original Soundtrack
- Experience an all original soundtrack by Artem Bank
• Much more to come!
- As time goes on, more and more features, graphics updates, and so on will be added to Star Ruler. We won't be satisfied until we're the best in the genre

• [Fixed] Fixed typos in planetary cannon and space port descriptions.
• [Fixed] Jump Drives were always available, and did not improve with technology.
• [Fixed] Disconnect notifications were not being sent and disconnected players were not giving up control of their empires to the AI. (Leading to new players not being able to take over)
• [Fixed] In Multiplayer, players were able to see the orders given to ships controlled by other empires.
• [Fixed] The tooltips shown on the planet window when hovering above a building in the "Manage Queue" tab will now always show the correct structure information.
• [Fixed] Heartbeats to the master server would stop after a single timed out connection, causing live servers to be de-listed.
• [Fixed] Fixed loading of Unicode files. Fixes issues with some double-byte languages.
• [Fixed] Object AI access should be more stable. (Improves fleet window stability)
• [Fixed] Ships were showing up with the wrong icon/scale for clients in multiplayer.
• [Fixed] Movement lines are now displayed for clients in multiplayer.
• [Fixed] The rally point line now scales properly with camera distance and is colored differently from movement lines.
• [Fixed] The movement solver had a slight logic error leading it to be completely broken. It should behave much better now!
• [Fixed] Shields now properly links to Stealth.
• [Fixed] Disabled ships are now removed from hotkey groups.
• [Fixed] AIs now correctly load Ship Designs. Fixes issues with AIs not expanding.
• [Fixed] Jump Drives will no longer be considered when calculating maximum firing range. (Fixes issues with ships not approaching targets)
• [Fixed] The tutorial now saves the active page, and returns to that page upon loading.
• [Fixed] It should be nearly impossible to start in a bad system (Supernova/Quasar) or in the same system as another empire.
• [Fixed] The galaxy update is now threaded. Should significantly improve framerate in high-lag situations, and even more on multi-core machines.
• [Fixed] Acceleration wasn't integrated between game frames, leading to inaccuracies in movement.
• [Fixed] The load game menu will now show only .srs files.
• [Changed] The time/gametime and paused indicators are now handled in angelscript. This means they are now moddable.
• [Changed] Reactive armor was too effective late game.
• [Changed] Moved time/gametime indicators to the right edge of the screen, properly centered top bar.
• [Changed] When rallying to a ship that is part of a fleet, newly constructed ships will now automatically join that fleet.
• [Changed] Creating a new fleet with 'f' now behaves more intelligently (eg does not add ships to multiple fleets).
• [Changed] Fleets will now move together between systems, unless ordered to leave a system with an enemy presence.
• [Changed] When box-selecting a fleet, the subselection is always set to the fleet leader.
• [Changed] Fleet icons now scale with camera distance (up to a point), so fleets are easier to spot.
• [Changed] Planets remain semi-visible after leaving the system they were in.
• [Changed] Upon leaving a system, the indicator ring will change to match what is left after you leave.
• [Changed] Ringworld Structures are now 10x larger. 100 such large structures can be placed on a ringworld, giving an effective 1000 structure slots.
• [Changed] Updated German translation for
• [Changed] Updated Italian localization for
• [Changed] Updated French localization for
• [Changed] Right-clicking in the planet queue now removes that item.
• [Changed] Structure Built events will no longer be shown in the ticker.
• [Changed] When a ship has only a single tool to use, Use Tool... becomes Use Tool... . No need to open the sub menu.
• [Changed] When pressing the renovate button on the planet window, renovate all structures of that same type.
• [Changed] The buildable structure list on the planet window now grays out when you (will) have no more slots.
• [Added] Added escape menu localization strings.
• [Added] Colony ships now coordinate with each other so they will not attempt to colonize planets that another colonizer (from the same empire) is already heading towards.
• [Added] Auto-colonizing a system or planet with insufficient colonizers now marks the remaining planets to be colonized by future idle colonizers.
• [Added] There is now a subsystem damage report panel underneath/integrated with the selected object panel, it displays the hitpoint totals of either all the subsystems or the subsystems collapsed into categories of the currently selected/subselected ship.
• [Added] Game speed display and control buttons are now on the top right of the screen.
• [Added] Governor type is now displayed in the mouseover info text for planets.
• [Added] Added Polish translation for
• [Added] Planets now receive 0-2 random conditions that affect how effective/strong/costly structures built there will be. The conditions possible for a planet are based on its type, so lava planets will never be frigid, and desert planets won't be covered in plants. The conditions are currently unknown until you colonize the planet, although we will add ways to scan planets in future patches. You may see the conditions on a planet by mousing over it, or in more detail in the planet window.
• [Added] Button in the empire window that leads to the now-stable fleets window.
• [Added] Added a new sub system/weapon: Boarding party. Allows the capture of enemy ships, as well as disabled ships that aren't heavily damaged.
• [Added] Added auto-repeat planet queue button.
• [Added] Added new remixed theme. Plays 50% of the time on the main menu.
• [Removed] Due to various conflicts with rapid engine changes, removed Sajuukhar's UI mod.
• [Removed] Removed some old, unused images.
• [Fixed] Removing an item from a planet queue removes the last in that group, rather than the first.
• [Fixed] Auto-colonization now works in multiplayer.
• [Fixed] Hulls now auto-update in multiplayer.
• [Fixed] AI Homeworlds now use the planet governor.
• [Fixed] Planets that have more than one condition now work in multiplayer.
• [Fixed] Unicode files had issues with lines that loaded across a barrier. (Fixes weirdness with unicode files)
• [Fixed] Use Tool orders are now sent to the server, and save and load properly.
• [Fixed] In the planet window, the structure hover info should no longer be stuck visible.
• [Fixed] Dragging within a list box will no longer result in strange behavior.
• [Fixed] Distant star icons had been removed by accident, leading to distant stars being black boxes.
• [Fixed] Changed some packet behaviors to improve connection performance in high-lag situations.
• [Fixed] Significantly reduced bandwidth usage in multiplayer by removing unnecessary data from object updates.
• [Fixed] Offensive treaties (i.e. Declare War) should now function properly in multiplayer.
• [Fixed] Unpausing the game by hotkey also remembers the previous game speed.
• [Fixed] Researched links are now shown for clients in multiplayer, clients no longer get their display stuck at ETA 0 when a new link is discovered.
• [Fixed] Some objects were being duplicated while downloading the map to clients, wasting bandwidth.
• [Fixed] Map objects downloaded to the client were occasionally out of order, causing them to not be present on the client.
• [Fixed] Galaxy gas is now sent to clients in multiplayer.
• [Fixed] Save files were breaking the common strings list, leading to various issues (like broken Use Tool orders)
• [Fixed] A bug in the mover was causing fleet members to behave very strangely.
• [Fixed] Large flak effects were crashing servers.
• [Fixed] Clients were not getting relation updates (e.g. enemy/ally/neutral).
• [Fixed] Rally points now work in multiplayer.
• [Fixed] Exploit that allowed viewing other empires' constructions.
• [Fixed] Auto-colonize was sending colonizers to planets that were taken over by another empire between the time the auto-colonize order was given and the colony ship was built.
• [Changed] Holding shift while removing an item from the planet queue now removes all the items in that group.
• [Changed] Joining a server hosted by a different version of a game will automatically disconnect if the versions are incompatible.
• [Changed] Tweaked what techs the AI researches, and added a few.
• [Balance] Goods production has been reduced to 25% of previous, and Luxuries to 12.5%.
• [Added] Hulls now have a setting specifying how many level improvements before the hull automatically updates. 0 levels disables auto-updating.
• [Added] Empire Window is now localized.
• [Added] Added "profile_network" console command. Opens a window that shows various connection stats. May help us determine what's causing some players' issues in multiplayer games.
• [Added] Saves will now show the empire you were playing as, and the time the game was saved.

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