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This release requires: FLT release of SpellForce 2: Demons of the Past Release also contains Digital Soundtrack.

SpellForce 2: Demons of the Past - Update 1
Protection : Steam
Discs : 1 Genre : Strategy

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SpellForce 2 - Demons of the Past Patch#1 Version: 2.68.5408

++Please note that you have to restart the map in which you have problems.++


"+": Added feature or improvement.
"-": Bug fix, change or removal.

- small color and contrast adjustments
- fix high cpu usage if game is minimized / LAN connection lost
- slightly increased fog of war (FOW) radius
- fix female head on male body
- fix client avatar will not be saved in LAN mode
- fix issue when player login twice with the same account and a host is runnig
- add host time out after 20min if host did not start the match (INet only)
- remove tutorial button from credits menu
- Several small fixes


- Credits do not finish
- New Spells: Removed the necessity to use a light weapon, so that they can be used with any weapon available (even for mages)


+ (added new main quest) It is no longer possible to play on without the first hero joining.
- If the Lich dies for the first time and cannot come back because the buildings are already destroyed, the boss-button does not disappear correctly (was solved by saving and loading game)
- Act "Save Westguard" is now removed from active questbook

Stepping Stones

+ Zerbo's Island: Now it will be easier to get through the town. We removed the fog of war on all levels of difficulty except very hard.
- fixed a problem with the orc buildings in the Ninth Trial (Zarach's Island)

Realm of the Gods

- The Crystal that starts the Twiddle-questarc is very difficult to find
- Zarach, who should be the one blessing an amulet for Nightsong, is not available on the map. (Blessed World)


- Lenya-flowers aren't collectible
- First lever has "no string" as description/name
- Ice Gargoyles in the Dracon camp aren't attacking any enemies (i.e. are letting themselves being killed).
+ The demons still manage to destroy most of the bases of the Archon and Sinistrim. Note: We placed defensive-towers within their camps.
- The remaining leader retains his/her exclamation mark after giving the portal-key to the player – and when talked to, the dialogue is the same as before


- Second seal can be found before Sariel, Ayro and Shae arrive, thus blocking the progress
- Sariels Avatar in the fight within her mind is called "Großen Wolfes" (as in "Geist des Großen Wolfes" or in English "Spirit of the Great Wolf")
- Somewhere near the destroyed towers there should be the pieces of armour of the Ravages killed when the soulcarrier battled Malacay in Steelcoast. It was not to be found.

Shadow Realm

- fixed the whole Nightsong-Quest

Icewastes of Shalibar

- No frozen fish can be found (Frozen World)
- It is possible to leave the Icewastes without activating the Journeystone. This makes it impossible to return there.
Fix: Automatically activate the Journeystone with the initial cutscene.
- Outcries about the Giant Wolf only start when the player is standing right in front of him.
- The Giant Wolf (in German) has the description and name "no string".
- Respawn of Wolves should stop (storywise) after the Giant wolf is killed
- Icegargoyles aren't attacking any enemies - useless.
+ The rainbow-golem and/or the crystal guardians are now a real challenge on very hard.
- It is possible from certain angles, to send flying units over the maze and loot the chest inside without having to solve the puzzle.

Plains of Argan

+ Camps of Shaikan and Realm are too weak to withstand even basic Nameless attacks. Player becomes stretched between protecting his own base and the other bases.
Fix: Either more or stronger units for those bases or more and stronger towers.
- fixed the whole Twiddle-Quest
- It is possible to block Zazhuts path with the gates of Argan. If they are closed when the final battle starts, and the player uses journeystones to jump to one of the other camps, Zazhut cannot follow.
Fix: Either prevent usage of journeystones completely or open the gates of Argan and prevent dialogue to close the gates.


+ German description for Achievements
- Unclear descriptions (e.g. "On the fly" or "Complete one map on very difficult")
- Changed Donald Duck Achievment
- The Armory of Eo-achievement was given before all of the set items are in the inventory
- Finished "Zarach's people" should be Finished "Depths of Kul'rath"
- "Disinsection" changed to "DisinFection"
- Fixed a problem with "Steal the key"
- "The last march" and "Knowledge is power" was not awarded when finishing the game.
- "Cry baby", "Crystal mountain", "Silly Walk", "Tough One" not awarded, although the requirements were met.
- fixed a problem with "I can do this alone"
- fixed a problem with "Mindhacker"
+ "First strike still deadly" is now awarded in 20 minutes.
- Collected Achievement Description changes:

Collected Achievement Description changes:
On the fly: "Kill the beast with the seal without trapping it on the bridge"
Tough One: "Complete the 'The Citadel' map on Very Difficult level"
Bill Gates: "Get 20,000 gold from rewards"
Donald Duck: "Get 50,000 gold from rewards"
I can do it alone!: "Destroy the ballistas, the evil spirits and the portal without any help"
First strike still deadly: "Destroy the southeastern Nameless base within 20 minutes on Difficult or Very Difficult level"
Mindhacker: "Break all the mind walls of Sariel in 10 minutes on Difficult or Very Difficult level"

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