Space Hulk Ascension Edition Update v1.0.4-CODEX

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  • Space Hulk Ascention Edition - Update v1.0.4
    Protection : Steam
    Notes: This patch requires: CODEX release of Space Hulk A.E.

    Update v1.0.4:

    Features and Improvements
    - Genestealer facing direction AI improved
    - GS spawnpoint block now calculated as radius irrelevant of "walking distance"
    - GS spawnpoints now revealed by perception range
    - Status icons in unit panel moved outside the portait
    - Popping hit and miss text when using cyclone
    - Power Sword for Ultramarines now uses proper Ultramarines model
    - Performance improvements on outline renderer
    - Sound fx for chainfist when destroying doors
    - Added low resolution flamer vfx for low quality settings
    - Added low resolution overwatch vfx for low quality settings
    - Performance improvements on overwatch vfx with quality settings change
    - Mission objective markers added for some UM missions
    - Lots of text improvements
    - Keep upgrade icon on loadout on the unit if swapping unit
    - Flaming tiles display depending on quality setting
    - New chainfist animations
    - Reload sound fx improvements
    - Changing squad leader now also changes squad name in display
    - Improvements to AI path calculations and shortest path

    - Added extra clip to the Assault Cannon to give more ammo
    - +Attack upgrade now also adds more ammo to Assault Cannon and Storm Bolter

    - Playing animations when Space Marines kill other Space Marines (e.g. assault cannon)
    fix for ambient sound volume setting not being properly controlled by volume
    - Linux locale fix crashing game
    - Flame thrower (and other weapons) ammo counter fix when finding ammo upgrade chest
    - Kill count now properly calculated on mission end screen
    - Campaign win screen could pop up too early fix
    - Frost axe sound now properly played
    - Fix for missing objectives on briefing screen
    - Fix advancing tutorial part for swapping Sergeant with Librarian
    - Blood sometimes drawn on top of Terminator fix
    - Removed ugly half pixel white border on some icons
    - On some missions in the deploy round pre-spawned Genestealers where visible
    - Mine kills now also count towards kill achievements
    - Thunder Crusher Achievement fixed
    - Fix for Librarian skill unlock at lvl 5
    - Added colliders to various objects in the missions that were missing
    - Fix for using hotkeys during movement of Terminators
    - Font fixes for manual
    - Alarm Call mission win condition fix
    - Free shot doesnt reset after movement

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