Sonic Scenarist BD 5.1.3

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Sonic Scenarist BD 5.1.3

Sonic Scenarist BD 5.1.3 | 423.68 MB

Sonic Scenarist® brings Scenarist SD's proven performance and reliability to Blu-ray Disc, providing a comprehensive, professional authoring solution for the next generation of optical media. Offering maximum playback compatibility and complete cell-level control for both standard content and advanced interactivity, Scenarist delivers unrivaled power and world-class results.

Comprehensive authoring for Blu-ray Disc and DVD

* Blu-ray Disc Support - Author fully featured Blu-ray Disc titles. Scenarist provides comprehensive access to the BD-ROM specification and feature set including unrivalled access to the HDMV specification, drag-and-drop BD-J creation, and unsurpassed BD-J integration.
* SD DVD Support - Scenarist's SD DVD authoring technology has been used to deliver billions of commercially released titles to consumers. Since the dawn of DVD, professional authoring facilities have come to rely on Scenarist's unique blend of authoring power and set-top player compatibility.
* BD-J Advanced Interactivity - Scenarist enables the advanced interactive capabilities that give BD its unique appeal, including seamless menus over video, composited contextual menus, synchronized picture-in-picture bonus content, and built-in network connectivity.
* Hands-on Control - Scenarist's direct, non-abstraction-based cell-level authoring technology lets you take charge of the details with complete control over every aspect of your Blu-ray Disc and DVD titles.
* Flexible Workgroup Productivity - Scenarist's unique modular architecture is designed for custom workgroup configuration. You can perform multiple tasks at a single workstation or spread your process over several stations, ensuring a workflow that is as productive and profitable as possible.
* Proven Sonic Quality - Reliability and usability have made Sonic's Scenarist systems the clear choice of high-end authoring facilities around the globe, used to create the vast majority of the world's commercially-released DVDs. Scenarist 4 brings Sonic's proven strengths to Blu-ray Disc.
* Designed with and for the industry - Scenarist 4 was developed in collaboration with the HD Authoring Alliance (HDAA), the worldwide association of top DVD authoring houses dedicated to facilitating the successful rollout of Blu-ray Disc titles.

Sonic Scenarist® users rely time and again on Scenarist for creating highly featured productions with the confidence of ultimate compatibility across the broadest range of players. They also rely on Sonic to deliver the best professional support available - a unique and powerful combination that your business can't afford to be without.

Sonic Scenarist's exclusive feature set is designed to combine the highest level of authoring control and power with the ultimate in production efficiency, empowering you to create highly interactive titles quickly, efficiently, and with confidence.

Featuring support for Blu-ray Disc and DVD Scenarist can be tailored to suit the specific needs and workflow of your authoring facility.

Features Blu-ray Disc Authoring
Detailed Access to the Blu-ray Disc Specification - Comprehensive and direct access to every aspect of the Blu-ray Disc specification including video titles, navigation commands, and the full compliment of GPR registers.

Comprehensive HDMV (Movie Mode) Specification Support - Support for 999 movie objects, 9 video angles, 32 button states per button group, 256 button groups per page, 1001 titles, 2000 playlists, and 4096 GPR registers.

Drag-and-drop BD-J Advanced Interactivity Creation - Integrate Advanced Interactive BD-J content into your BD-ROM projects. The BD-J specification offers the creative professional a greater range of interactive possibilities by enabling interactive Java applications to be seamlessly presented over video, without disrupting the playback flow of the underlying material. Scenarist is the only tool available with a drag-and-drop BD-J design environment, taking the hassle out of BD-J programming.

Support For All Next-Generation Video Codecs - Comprehensive support for all three of the approved Blu-ray Disc video codecs - AVC, VC-1, and MPEG-2.

Comprehensive Support for Interactive and Presentation Graphics - Create pop-up menus, multi-page menus, and dynamic interactive content with interactive graphics. Use 8-bit images or fonts and text files for subtitles using presentation graphics.

Built-in Interactive Graphics Effects Editor - Easily animate all your interactive graphics including palettes, positioning, and cropping using Scenarist's built-in interactive graphics editor.

Out-of-mux Interactive Graphics Support - Create always available pop-up menus and special features by utilizing out-of-mux interactive graphics.

Animated Buttons - Bring HDMV menus to life with animated buttons in normal, selected, and activated states.

Button Effects and Sounds - Create compelling transitions and dynamic menus with in- and out-effects and button sounds.

Multi-Angle Video Support - Create dynamic presentations with the full specification allowance of nine simultaneous video streams.

Slideshow Support - High definition browseable or timed slideshows with un-interrupted audio.

AACS Content Protection Support - Secure your Blu-ray Disc titles with next-generation AACS Content Protection.

Built-in Blu-ray Disc Emulator - Simulate your projects as you author and QC completed images using Scenarist's built-in simulation and emulation tool.

Scenarist Designer PS Photoshop® Plug-in - The ultimate menu creation workflow. Design, layout, and quickly export your menu and button designs from Photoshop directly to Scenarist.

Network-ready Distributed Multiplexing - Scenarist's multiplexing engine that allows multiplexing tasks to be distributed across facility networks. Sharing multiplexing tasks across a network decreasing multiplexing times and enables workgroup flexibility.

The following system is required for use with Scenarist BD Edition:
Hewlett Packard xw8400

The minimum system requirements for Scenarist BD Edition include:
Windows® XP Professional, Service Pack 2, 32-bit
2 x Dual-Core Intel® Xeon®processor 5160 3.0 GHz with 4 MB L2 cache 1333 MHz front side bus
Microsoft® Windows Media Player 10 Series
Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 or later
Microsoft DirectX 9.0c
CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive
Monitor with minimum 1600x1200 screen resolution (1920x1200 recommended) and 32-bit color support
800 MB of hard drive space on system drive for Sonic application and related files
USB port for security dongle

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