Sonic Academy - Understanding Reverb

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Sonic Academy - Understanding Reverb
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In this Ultimate Guide to Reverb, we will show you exactly what you need to know about the different types of reverb, the controls on a reverb unit, applying reverb to your recordings and how to create your own impulse responses. We capture the impulse responses from the amazing Belfast Cathedral and the Sonic building stairwell using both Mac and PC software. We review the Lexicon LXP Native, 2CAudio Aether, Relab LX480 Plugins and look at whats available for free. We’ve also included some great impulse responses for you to use in your own tracks.


Videos Overview

An Introduction To Reverb

Introduction To Reverb

Types Of Reverb

Here we will take you through all the different types of reverbs from classic studio chambers to modern day algorithmic processes

Controls 1 - Dry / Wet Controls

This video will describe what the Dry and Wet controls do

Controls 2 - Early / Late Reflection Control

This video will describe what the Early and Late Reflections are all about.

Controls 3 - Reverb Types

Here we will show you the different types of Reverbs that are most commonly used in a range of plugins.

Controls 4 - Pre-Delay

This video will explain what the Pre-Delay control does and why it can ne useful

Controls 5 - EQ

Here we show you how you can use eq and high and low cut to add clarity to your reverbs.

Controls 6 - Room Size

This video will explain and show you what the room size control on a reverb unit does and how you can adjust it

Controls 7 - Diffusion

In this video we show you how diffusion controls the complexity of the reflective surface

Controls 8 - Modulation

Modulation can be used to add movement to your reverb tails.

Reverb In Practice 1 - Rock Vocals

A few ideas on how to use reverb on rock vocals

Reverb In Practice 2 - Rock Drums

A few ideas on how to use reverb on rock drums

Reverb In Practice 3 - Rock Guitars

A few ideas on how to use reverb on rock guitars

Reverb In Practice 4 - Dance Drums

A few ideas on how to use reverb on dance stabs

Reverb In Practice 5 - Dance Stabs

A few ideas on how to use reverb on dance drums

Reverb In Practice 6 - Dance Vocals

A few ideas on how to use reverb on dance vocals

Reverb In Practise 7 - Dance Pads

A few ideas on how to use reverb on dance pads.

Review 1 - 2CAudio Aether

A review of the Aether reverb pluggin.

Review 2 - Lexicon

A review of the Lexicon LXP Native reverb pluggin.

Review 3 - Relab LX480

A review of the ReLab LX480 reverb pluggin.

Review 4 - Free Reverbs

A review of some free reverb pluggins.

Capturing Impulse Responses 1 - Introduction

An intro to recording an IR response.

Capturing Impulse Responses 2 - Sonic Stairwell IR

Here we record the reverb of Sonic Academy's stairwell.

Capturing Impulse Responses 3 - Belfast Cathedral IR

This is the big one, recording a IR response of Belfast Cathedral.

Sonic Academy - Understanding Reverb

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