Sonic Academy - Understanding Compressors

Tutorial & e-learning. July 2, 2010 by bomb.
Sonic Academy - Understanding Compressors
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In this Sonic Academy compression extravaganza, we will show you the full shebang starting with what compression does, the controls, how to apply it, using compression to get effects such as parallel, ducking and the all important side-chaining compression effect.

Videos Overview

Understanding Compressors - Introduction

An overall introduction to compression and what is coming up in this huge course

Basic Controls 1 - Introduction To The Basic Controls

Over the next 7 videos we are going to take a look a the basic controls of a compressor.

Basic Controls 2 - Threshold

The first control we look at is the threshold and what it does.

Basic Controls 3 - Ratio

We demystify the ratio control and what does to the incoming signal in this video

Basic Controls 4 - Threshold and Ratio Example

A practical example using some audio to demo the relationship between threshold and ratio.

Basic Controls 5 - Attack

We look at how you can add punch to your drums using the attack control.

Basic Controls 6 - Release

Here we see why release is important and how it can effect your attack settings

Basic Controls 7 - Peak/RMS and Knee

Often misunderstood, we explain the difference between Peak and RMS. Also what the knee control does

Compression Application 1 - Drum Compression Intro

We take a look at what compression can do for you drum sound and how tweaking the attack and release controls can make a big difference

Compression Application 2 - Compressing the Kick

Lets take a look at how to put the punch into that kick sound

Compression Application 3 - Compressing the Snare

We take a look at compressing the snare to get that big fat sound without killing the punch

Compression Application 4 - Compressing the Toms

We add some more compression to the toms to get them nice and beefy

Compression Application 5 - Compressing the Cymbals

We show you how to compress your overheads while avoiding that common breathing effect.

Compression Application 6 - Compressing the Drum Group

Finally we group all of our drums together and add two more compressors for that extra squeeze!

Compression Application 7 - Compressing the Bass

We control the dynamics and get a tight compact live bass sound in this tutorial

Compression Application 8 - Compressing a Guitar

We talk crunch, sustain, chug and controlled guitar sounds in this tutorial and show you how to set up a compressor.

Compression Application 9 - Compressing a Vocal

In this tutorial we squash down the dynamics of a vocal performance to get a nice even level that sits perfect in the mix

Compression Application 10 - Compressing a Snare - Attack

We take a snare and use compression to remove an attack and make it..well more slushy!

Compression Application 11 - Compressing a slushy snare

Using the same snare as before, we use attack on the compressor to add punch to the snare

Compression Application 12 - Compressing an Electronic Loop

To start off our compression as an effect section, we look at using compression to create a side-chain pumping effect in Ableton Live

Compression Effect 1 - Side-chain in Ableton Live

To start off our compression as an effect section, we look at using compression to create a side-chain pumping effect in Ableton Live

Compression Effect 2 - Side-chain in Logic Pro Part 1

We look at side-chain compression this time using Apples Logic Pro

Compression Effect 3 - Side-chain in Logic Pro Part 2

We delve further into side-chaining this time making use of Ultrabeat's multioutput option

Compression Effect 4 - Side-chain in Cubase 5

Finally we wrap up side-chaining by showing the setup of this in Cubase 5

Compression Effect 5 - Compressors in Series

We take a look at why and how to use compressors in series

Compression Effect 6 - Parallel Compression in Ableton

We take a look at a more advanced compression technique - parallel compression. This technique is used mainly on drums to raise the volume and fill out the sound without reducing the dynamics

Compression Effect 7 - Parallel Compression in Logic Pro 1

We look at setting up a parallel compressor in Logic Pro 9

Compression Effect 8 - Parallel Compression in Logic Pro 2

We look closer at Logic Pro 9 to make use of parallel compression, this time sending individual drum samples from our Ultrabeat's multioutput.

Compression Effect 9 - Parallel Compression in Cubase 5

Finally we look at parallel compression in Steinberg's Cubase 5

Sonic Academy - Understanding Compressors

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