Sonic Academy - How To Make Techno in Reason

Tutorial & e-learning. July 26, 2010 by bomb.
Sonic Academy - How To Make Techno in Reason
Sonic Academy - How To Make Techno in Reason | 471 MB
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Learn how to produce the next big room techno classic in our How To Make Techno in Reason 4. Learn everything from programming massive sub bass throbs, bleepy synths and distorted percussion through to full arrangement, FX and loads of other large, banging techno tips and tricks.


Videos Overview

Tutorial 1. Kick Drums

We use NN-19 Samplers to create a three part layered kick drum loop

Tutorial 2. Snares & Toms Pt 1

More NN-19 sampler action to create the snare parts of our Techno tune.

Tutorial 3. Snares & Toms Pt 2

Making a sub mixer for rhythmic percussion and tom tracks.

Tutorial 4. NY Compression & Drum EQ

EQ and compression for our full drum Combinator. Also we add some massive New York style compression to chunk up the whole sound.

Tutorial 5. Percussion

Using NN-19 samplers, LFO and a big fat distortion unit to create hats and percussion lines. Also we groove things up to the max with the Regroove mixer.

Tutorial 6. Clap & Ride

Massive grooved up hats and retro techno claps sit alongside a chunky sidechained Ride cymbal.

Tutorial 7. Percussion Loop

Slotting in a simple percussion loop into a Dr. Rex loop player to build the drum track.

Tutorial 8. White Noise

We drop in a Thor synth in to create a filtered white noise loop. Using the Spider Audio Splitter we sidechain that bad boy right out of town!

Tutorial 9. Bass

We add some essential throb to our track using the Thor synth, Modulation Envelopes and sidechaining.

Tutorial 10. Synth

We drop another Thor synth in to create a pulsing, delayed synth part for our track.

Tutorial 11. Strings

An NN-XT sampler patch is used for a sidechained, reverbed high pitched slice of stringed loveliness.

Tutorial 12. Send & Return FX Pt1

We use the send and return FX section of the mixer to add some different reverbs to our percussion sounds.

Tutorial 13. Send & Return FX Pt2

The biggest reverb in town is added to our ride, synths and strings using the mixer's send and return functions.

Tutorial 14. Arrangement Pt 1

We arrange our loops out to the first breakdown.

Tutorial 15. Arrangement Pt 2

Further arrangement up the main breakdown.

Tutorial 16. Arrangement Pt 3

We arrange out the main breakdown of our Techno track.

Tutorial 17. Arrangement Pt 4

We fill out the last part of our track to the end.

Tutorial 18. FX Pt 1

Adding some huge crashes and reverse cymbals to accent the changes in our arrangement.

Tutorial 19. FX Pt 2

We use the Malstrom Synth and some tasty LFO's to create a huge rising build up in the breakdown.

Tutorial 20. FX Pt 3

We round the whole thing off by using some filters to make our percussion tracks appear more subtle in our track and add some big reverb to our build up with automation on the aux sends.

Sonic Academy - How To Make Techno in Reason

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