Sonic Academy - How To Make French House with Cubase

Tutorial & e-learning. August 3, 2010 by bomb.
Sonic Academy - How To Make French House with Cubase
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Sonic Academy’s video music production tutorial How to Make… French Electro House with Cubase breaks down all the parts of a French Electro House track and takes you step-by-step through making your own. Get that sound (a la Justice and Sebastian) with distorted basslines, dirty synth sounds, disco stabs, and plenty of cuts, drops and edits.

Videos Overview

Introduction and Play Through

An intro and a play through the track

Tutorial 1 - Importing The Drums

In this first video we start to load kicks and snares into the groove agent

Tutorial 2 - Editing The Drums

We edit the volumes and release times of the drums to mix them properly

Tutorial 3 - Drum EQ and Compression

Adding further hats to our drum pattern in this next video

Tutorial 4 - Compress Compress Compress

We add eq and compression to the drum group to make our drum sound punchy

Tutorial 5 - Bassline

Time to look at a bassline, using simpler and a sylenth

Tutorial 6 - Distorted Synth

Again using simpler we import from the resource pack and create a stab sound

Tutorial 7 - Distorted Bass

In this video we create the main riff for our track

Tutorial 8 - Rising Synth Sound

Next up we create a bleep pattern to add groove and interest.

Tutorial 9 - Bass Guitar

To create movement in the track we add another single note stab

Tutorial 10 - Reverb Bass Effect

We create a export a reverb effected bassline and then reimport it to use as a drop in our tune

Tutorial 11 - Reverb Bass Effect 2

We continue with this reverb trick

Tutorial 12 - Dark Strings and Disco Hit

We import a dark string section and a disco stab to use in our track

Tutorial 13 - Disco Hits

More disco hits, this time we group them and compress to fit into the song

Tutorial 14 - Extra Drum Samples

We bring in a couple more drum samples to add more crunch to our clap and snares

Tutorial 15 - High Strings

A high string part to add that french flavour

Tutorial 16 - Reverse Loop Effect

Exporting a loop from our track, then reimporting to use as an edit

Tutorial 17 - More Compression

Adding more compression to get an even bigger sound

Tutorial 18 - Alternative Bass

This one we create another bass pattern which will play further on in our track

Tutorial 19 - Alternative Bass 2

Continue to write this new bass pattern

Tutorial 20 - Distorted Synth

We change the pattern of the distorted synth to play in the right key for our new pattern

Tutorial 21 - Cuts And Edits 1

We do some drops cuts and edits to create that french sound

Tutorial 22 - Cuts And Edits 2

We do some drops cuts and edits to create that french sound

Tutorial 23 - Arrangement 1

We begin arranging out our track

Tutorial 24 - Arrangement 2

Arrangement continued, this time bringing in some hats to add variety

Tutorial 25 - Arrangement 3

This is the final video, where we fade out our samples and arrange to the end of the track.

Sonic Academy - How To Make French House with Cubase

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