Solidworks Tutorial By Magnitude Engineering Solutions

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Solidworks Tutorial By Magnitude Engineering Solutions
TEAM QUASAR | 02-28-2011 | 3.06GB
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Learn the basic and advanced features of SolidWorks step by step with the SolidWorks Tutorial DVD by Magnitude Engineering Solutions. The DVD plays instantly on your computer and comes with its own menu and media player so there is no instillation required. Just insert the DVD and choose what lesson you want from the menu. You're able to play, pause, rewind or fast forward at anytime giving you the flexibility to learn at your own individual pace. These tutorials are made by industry professionals who are Certified SolidWorks users and will give you the tools to learn and master SolidWorks quickly and easily. This SolidWorks Tutorial is applicable to all versions of SolidWorks and comes with everything listed below.

* OS: XP/Vista/Win7
* 194 Video Tutorials
* Project part files required to follow the tutorials
* Screen Resolution of 1280 x 800
* Audio narration for each tutorial from start to finish
* Sample projects

This is the most complete and comprehensive tutorial available. It is perfect for beginners as well as advanced SolidWorks users. These are the tutorials included on the DVD

1. Format66. PhotoWorks Scene131. 3D Sketch
2. Extrude Boss/Base67. PhotoWorks Lighting132. Sketch Relations
3. Extrude Cut68. PhotoWorks Rendering Wizard133. Horizontal Sketch Relation
4. Revolved Base69. Multiple Assembly Configurations134. Vertical Sketch Relation
5. Revolved Cut70. Split Line135. Collinear Sketch Relation
6. Swept Base71. Linear Pattern Assembly136. Perpendicular Sketch Relation
7. Basic Extrude Loft72. Circular Pattern Assembly137. Parallel Sketch Relation
8. Multiple Extrude Loft73. Envelope138. Equal Sketch Relation
9. Advanced Extrude Loft74. Interference Detection139. Fix Sketch Relation
10. Filet Constant Radius75. Smooth Edge Bolt140. Midpoint Sketch Relation
11. Filet Variable Radius76. Grass Scenery141. Coincident Sketch Relation
12. Filet Face77. Tree Scenery142. Tangent Sketch Relation
13. Filet Full Round78. Leather PhotoWorks Pattern143, Edit Sketch Relation
14. Filet FiletXpert79. Grass Hill Scenery144. Manual Sketch Editing
15. Chamfer Angle Distance80. Tire and Rim Intro145. Coating and Plating Calculation
16. Chamfer Distance and Distance81. Rim Design146. Center of Gravity
17. Chamfer Vertex82. Tire Design147. Optimize Sketch COG
18. Rib83. Tire Texture148. Optimize Part COG
19. Shell84. Dish Design149. Calculations and Equations
20. Draft Neutral Plane85. Bolt Pattern150. Sweep Cut
21. Draft Parting Line86. Rim and Dish Material151. Basic Loft Cut
22. Draft Step Draft87. Tire and Rim Assembly152. Multiple Lofts Cut
23. Hole Wizard88. Five Star Rim153. Advance Loft Cut
24. Linear Pattern89. Six Spoke Rim154. Simple Hole
25. Draft DraftXpert90. Directional Rim155. Scale Part
26. Circular Pattern91. Rim Modification156. Dome Feature
27. Mirror Sketch92. One Piece Rim157. Freeform Feature
28. Mirror Feature93. Rim Logo158. Shape Feature
29. Mirror Body94. Applying Rims to a Car Image Intro159. Point Deform
30. Thread95. Select Car image for Rims160. Deform Curve to Curve
31. Views96. Insert New Rims on Vehicle Image161. Multiple Deform Curve to Curve
32. Apply Colour97. Substitute Rims162 Surface Push Deform
33. Apply Texture98. Offset Sketch163. Surface Push Selected Body
34. Apply Material99. Scale Sketch164. Flex intro
35. COSMOSXpress100. Trim Sketch165. Flex Bending
36. COSMOSXpress AVI and eDrawings101. Extend Sketch166. Twisting Flex
37. COSMOSXpress Report102. Split Sketch Entities167. Tapering Flex
38. Optical Properties103. Jog Line168. Stretching Flex
39. Create eDrawings104. Construction Geometry169. Boolean Intro
40. Annotation in eDrawings105. Move Sketch170. Solid Bodies
41. eDrawings Animation106. Rotate Sketch171. Boolean Bodies
42. Solid Assembly107. Copy Sketch172. Move Solid Bodies
43. Flexible Assembly108. Linear Pattern173. Combine Add
44. Exploded View109. Circular Pattern174. Combine Add Relevance
45. Create Drawings110. Edit Linear Pattern175. Combine Subtract
46. Drawings Annotation111. Edit Circular Pattern176. Combine Subtract Application
47. Drawing Views112. Filet Sketch177. Combine Common
48. Bill of Materials113. Chamfer Sketch178. Combine Common Application
49. Custom Drawings Template114. Parallelogram179. Split Bodies
50. Custom Parts Template115. Polygon sketch180. Delete Solid Bodies
51. Design Table116. Ellipse Sketch181. Sketch Blocks
52. AVI Animator117. Partial Ellipse Sketch182. Traction Wheel
53. Telescopic Parts Assembly118. Parabola Sketch183. Traction Wheel on Edge
54. Ball Bearings Parts and Assembly119. Spline Definition184. Sketch Belt and Chain
55. Image Capturing120. Spline Sketch185. Assembly Belt and Chain
56. Simulation121. Spline On Surface186. Spell checker
57. Spline Boomerang122. Construction Points187. Exporting Parts and Assemblies
58. Utilize Multiple Windows Parts123. Sketch Plane188. Exporting STEP
59. Utilize Multiple Windows Assembly124. Convert Entities189. Exporting IGES
60. Spring/Coil125. Face Curves190. Exporting STL
61. Injection Moulding126. Measure Tool191. Layering Parts
62. Advanced Sketching127. Mass Properties192. Hot Keys
63. Engrave Text128. Insert Equations193. Multiple View Windows
64. PhotoWorks Material129. Part Statistics194. Time Dependencies
65. PhotoWorks Insert Decal Image130. Deviation Analysis

Release Info:
Supplier . : QUASAR
Cracker .. : QUASAR
Packager . : QUASAR
Type ..... : Training
Date ..... : 02-28-2011
OS ....... : XP/Vista/Win7





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