Sniper Elite 3 Update v1.04 incl DLC-CODEX

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Sniper Elite 3 Update v1.04 include. DLC
Protection : Steam+CEG
Discs : 1
Release Date : 7/2014

Notes: This patch requires: RELOADED release of Sniper Elite 3

You don't need any previous updates, just the original game.

The following DLCs included in this release:

-> Sniper Elite 3 - Target Hitler: Hunt the Grey Wolf
-> Sniper Elite 3 - Camouflage Weapons Pack
-> Sniper Elite 3 - Hunter Weapons Pack
-> Sniper Elite 3 - Allied Reinforcement Outfits Pack
-> Sniper Elite 3 - Patriot Weapons Pack
-> Sniper Elite 3 - Save Churchill Part 1: In Shadows

Update v1.04

New Content:

"Airstrip" - A new multiplayer map, free to all owners of the game, supporting all multiplayer game modes including No Cross.

Bug fixes:

- Better error reporting in the launcher to try to diagnose startup issues.
- Multiplayer: Fixed desync due to bulletcams in multiplayer (where the target can survive on every machine except the one of the person firing the shot).
- Multiplayer: Bulletcams are no longer prevented by nearby dead bodies.
- Multiplayer: Fixed an issue where large chunks of the level would be invisible in "Hellfire!" from certain viewing angles/positions.
- Multiplayer: Fixed an emerge-from-cover issues in "Ruins"
- Co-op: When host changes level while in the briefing screen, client's collectible information updates to match.
- Continued changes to ragdolls to reduce interpenetration with environment.
- Double-click should now work on server browsing list.
- AIs reloading don't get confused by player attempts at melee killing them (in Sniper Elite and Authentic difficulties).
- Firing from hip while moving should now orient the character before firing the weapon rather than firing immediately.
- Total collectable count now reflects currently installed DLC rather than ignoring DLC or counting DLC that isn't installed.
- Czech and Slovak keyboard layouts supported.


We've been hard at work trying to finish co-op support for the DLC missions, so co-op in both "Hunt The Grey Wolf" and the new "In Shadows" mission is coming really soon now.
We've also just about nailed the steam cloud issues but a final round of testing's going to be needed.
If you're having issues with launching the game, the changes to the launcher may give you a new error message to help us diagnose the problem, but if that's still not sorted it out we are still trying to provide better diagnosis tools; more news on this very soon.
We're aware that the ribbon images are not showing up in the service record (as far as we're aware it's just a graphical issue and the achievements are being registered correctly).
If you manual save (or quicksave) in a DLC level, there's a chance that reloading that save will take you back to the start of the level. If this happens, then immediately reload the same save game a second time, which should take you to the correct place in the level.

Savegames from RELOADED release are compatible.

Download File

Sniper.Elite.3.Update.v1.04.incl.DLC-CODEX Datafile

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