SmartSVN Enterprise v6.5.6

Software. April 5, 2010 by samura1.
SmartSVN Enterprise v6.5.6

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SmartSVN is a graphical SVN client. It combines a mature user interface with the power of SVN (Subversion), providing professional version control for everyone — on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

- Full Subversion 1.6 support
- Tag and Branch Support (SmartSVN Professional)
- Incoming and Outgoing Change Markers
- Plugin-API for writing SmartSVN Plug-ins (SmartSVN Enterprise)
- Revision Graph (SmartSVN Professional)
- Shell Integration (Windows: Explorer, Mac OS X: Finder)
- File Compare
- Properties Support
- Transaction Views
- Powerful Commit Wizard
- Commit Wizard: JIRA integration (SmartSVN Professional)
- Change Sets (SmartSVN Professional)
- Repository Browser
- Excellent Merge Support
- Log
- Output View

SmartSVN 6.5.6 (2010-04-02)
- Text editors: autodetect UTF-8 with BOM (similar to UTF-16)

Fixed Bugs
- Commit (Foundation version): internal error when trying to commit to
multiple repositories
- Check Out: Export did not work into an already existing, empty directory
- Log Cache: possible internal error when creating/rebuilding a cache
- Merge: merge-tracking related issues resolved
- Preferences: when trying to unset the accelerator for a menu item which
by default has no accelerators, the menu item kept its previous
- Refresh: if an unversioned entry has changed from directory to file
(or vice versa), it was displayed as directory and file
- Refresh: possible internal error (regression since 6.5.5)
- Refresh: possible internal error after adding symlink
- Repository Browser: after configuring accelerators, they were always
reset to defaults
- Revision Graph: internal error for Show Merge Sources/Targets when
focus was in Directories/Files area
- Shell Integration (Windows): internal error when invoking commands on
UNC paths (\\host\path\to\share)
- Shell-integration: Open Project was shown even for completely
unversioned directories
- Spell checker: internal error caused by corrupt dictionary files

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