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Small Time Gangster S01E05 WS DSR XviD-HDCP | 233 MB

Since Cathy kicked him out, the sexual tension between Tony and Darlene has been simmering. Tony is assigned a collection job - but can't do it - his yips are in full bloom. Les blames Cathy for Tony's departure. He accuses Cathy of being a hypocrite. A strange man turns up at the house - he wants money from Cathy. It's
Weasel, the gambler that Tony let go. Cathy grapples with Weasel herself and fights him off - with the help of Les and the kids. Tony's furious, realising his own problems have put his family in danger. Feeling the pressure from Barry, Darlene confronts Tony - why can't you do your job I thought we had something Tony
returns to the job site and gets the punter to pay up - dangling him and his car from a thirty-foot crane! He gets the money. Darlene offers herself to Tony - they can have it all. Cathy realises she can cope without Tony, no problem. But she misses him. Tony turns up at her door. He will abandon the gangster life - for her and the kids - she takes him back. At the pub, Darlene's in bed, spurned by Tony, Steve beside her. Tony has just created two new adversaries. Meanwhile, Barry is starting to get jumpy about the money he's owed. His paranoia kicks in, only to be exacerbated when Charlie comes to Tony's defence. Watch out Tony!

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