Small Time Gangster S01E03 WS DSR XviD-HDCP

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Small Time Gangster S01E03 WS DSR XviD-HDCP | 244 MB

Tony decides to get back in the game: by dangling a degenerate gambler named Weasel off the roof of a car park. Weasel starts blubbing excuses about why he can't repay Barry - and Tony again finds himself cracking under the pressure, letting him go. Jesus! Charlie uses his day off to catch up with Mel. She likes the fact that he's a bad boy. During yoga, Brent reassures Cathy about her situation - seeing her as a woman of real ability, brains and beauty, and Cathy finds herself drawn to him. Later, Tony and Cathy argue about Brent and Tony confronts their neighbour - only to find Brent has a partner, Jeremy. Cathy emerges to find Brent at the BBQ laughing and chatting with Tony, striking up a genuine Everything's seemingly back to normal. But as the episode ends, we see a bottle of Viagra in Tony's workbag - he's managed to paper over the ever-increasing cracks in his life... for now.

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