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Skullgirls 082413 Update info:

Skullgirls Patch Notes (8-24)

Small list tonight, with BIG real-pizza taste!
Online crash fix. Thank you to Severin and Domo for providing the crash logs, and extra special thanks to Mister Tony Cannon for the help!
Personalized customer service - just one more reason to choose GGPO for all your netplay, childcare, and outdoor-furniture-maintenance needs.
Smarter All-Play for lobbies. Prioritizes first by those who have played the least, then by those who were ready earliest.
Fix Threads of Fate achievement to only require the original 8 characters, and ignore DLC. Don't worry, though - if you already got it, then kiddo, you've still got it.

The pain of a closed freeway can wring tears from even the stones of the mountains.
- ancient California proverb

Skullgirls Patch Notes (8/23).

** Gameplay changes are pretty much done now, the rest of the updates will be missing features or fixes. **

Beta -> Release

Added Squigly's story mode and the Rooftops Assault stage! See, we can keep a secret!
Fortune: Catching the opponent out of the air with Headbutt or Zoom adds 45 Drama* instead of the regular 30. Do you still love me, Inuchiyo?
Painwheel: Gains 1/3 of the normal amount of meter for attacks while Installed.

Daisy Pusher is now active and invincible for 23 frames. Still jump-able after the superflash but is now a much better answer to lots of things. (In FGC-speak, Daisy Pusher is 4+9, active for 23.) "SLYAM DYANCE!"
All specials properly do chip damage.
Special-to-super-cancel windows adjusted to match everyone else. Cannot cancel in the recovery of things, no more cancelling in the middle of Silver Chord, etc.
Damage adjustment: j.HK 1412, j.HP 1406, j.MP 550, j.MK 1362, s.MP 850, s.HP 750+800. (Some numbers may seem odd because multi-hit moves are affected by damage scaling.)
Lots of art fixes.

Release 8/22 -> 8/23
Enable Valentine's color #9. Whoops.
Locked Squigly's tutorial if you don't have her DLC. Whoops.
Fix lots of text and translation issues.
Brightened up Rooftops Assault.
Even more Squigly art fixes.

* someone suggested calling Undizzy Stun "Drama". Whee. Keep it?

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