Shadowrun Returns v1.1.0-iNLAWS

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Shadowrun Returns Update 1.1.0
Language: English
Developer: Harebrained Holdings

MAN MEETS MAGIC & MACHINE. The year is 2054. Magic has returned to the world, awakening powerful creatures of myth and legend. Technology merges with flesh and consciousness. Elves, trolls, orks and dwarves walk among us, while ruthless corporations bleed the world dry.

Release 1.1.0

New Features, Improvements

Initial Linux Release!
Item use now fires a triggerable event.
Items can have passive status effects that are enabled by holding in inventory.
Items can be set to automatically be used on actor death. (e.g. cast spell on death).
Light transitions scripts allow for gentle or abrupt, repeatable, light patterns via triggers
Moving to an invalid tile in free-move will try and walk to the nearest valid tile automatically.
Actor spawners can scale difficulty via naming convention using a story variable: e.g. Guard_Lv1 Lv2 Lv3 and a story variable CharacterScaleAmount = 1,2,3...
Enhancements to the archetype auto-spend during character creation to allow for higher starting karma within stories.
Mission objective style screen labels can display a bar as well as text to track progress toward goals.
Actors can now have floaties disabled via character sheet flag
Optimized visibility calcs on larger maps
Regions can now be set to displayed in game (to denote feedback to players).
Fixed an issue with hiding some props via trigger.
Add ability to have keypad & keyword input nodes in conversations.
Physical Adepts: Chi abilities have been changed to provide passive benefits. They can be “activated” as before to get the full benefit.
Physical Adepts now should be able to use Roundhouse Kick and Disarm while Killing Hands is active.
New Hi-Res UI Scaling option.

New Trigger Events

On Item Used
On Store Closed

New Actions

Set Prop Visible By {Individual | Tag | Proximity to Coordinate}
Activate Spawner By Tag
Retain Other Trigger
Wait for Motion to Complete
Interrupt Team Movement
Set Region Visible, Set Region Color
Delete Prop By Proximity To Coordinate With Tag
Data Functions
Triggering Item
Item’s ID, Attribute, Skill, Specialization
Player and Team’s Attribute, Skill, Specialization
Get Actor Karma Level
Extra values including min-max, magnitudes, and rotation of actors

Bug Fixes

Revamped asset caching system to avoid using unnecessary disk space (fixes issue of using extra C: space when run from a drive other than C:).
Performance, crashing, and memory leak improvements
Warp motion no longer costs AP, to allow a drone to freely enter a vent passage
Matrix VFX no longer left behind in the world
AI Wander Patrols no longer stop and wait for player to move
Allow blue spawners to appear in triggers that use interactable actors
Modified constants will be reset between each level
Barriers immediately apply to someone on the tile
Added rotation ability to player preview in the equip screen.
Improved AI logic regarding some weapons with limited capacity.
Fixed issues installing cyberware upgrades
Fixed “typo” showing Double Tap in the Rifle tree.
Add debug console command to display current scene/story variables.
Fixed rotation issue when re-enabling rain FX after disabling it via trigger.
Fixed issue causing riggers to sometimes spawn without their drone(s).
Fixed issue showing light gizmo when showing lights via trigger/tag.
Fixed issue with game “hanging” when quitting in Steam on Macs.
Miscellaneous small bug fixes.
DMS: Fixed conversation bug in Planeyard with Shannon Half-Sky.
DMS: Fixed issue with conversation with Jake after stash fight.
Editor: You can move things by 0.01 by using alt+shift+arrow_keys.
Editor: Fixed several obscure crash issues.
Editor: Fixed crash bug when loading certain assets from compressed content packs.
Editor: Can now toggle to see cover icons for props.
Editor: Fixed a copy & paste issue when pasting between content packs
Editor: Zooming with mouse wheel enhancements and increased zoom range.
Editor: Added a more user-friendly “play animation” trigger with dropdown.

Download File

Shadowrun_Returns_v1.1.0-iNLAWS nuke mislabeled.update [DutchNET]
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