Shadowrun Returns v1.0.4-FLTDOX

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An update Shadowrun Returns v1.0.4 from FLTDOX

Release 1.0.4
New Features, Improvements
- Steam Trading Cards are now available
- Shotguns: Kneecap cooldown reduced to 2 from 3
- Headshot: Critical hit chance increased. AP cost reduced to 1 from 2.
- Cooldown of 2 added.
- Drones: Aim now works like the Aim ability that normal characters use. AP cost reduced to 1 from 2, cooldown of 3 added.
- UI Tweaks and revisions.
- Increased ESP movement speed so they can keep up with their masters.
- Updated tutorial about essence loss and spell slots.
- Slightly improved load times between levels for some users.
- Editor: New trigger “Remove prop by tag."
- Editor: New trigger "Remove item by skill type."
- Editor: New trigger "Check for weapon holster state."
- Editor: Allow heal HP Damage trigger to revive

Bug Fixes

- Audio should be much less “hitchy” now.
- Fixed bug where player's team would still end their turn even after using haste on an ally.
- Joysticks/Gamepads/Flight Controls should no longer move the camera.
- Fixed bug with dispel magic not always functioning.
- Fixed item duplication bug on equip screen.
- Fixed sending an event through a trigger in conversation.
- Fixed issue with save games being bloated with redundant tag data.
- Fixed issue with players sometimes gaining +1 AP when they already had 3 AP.
- Fixed issue preventing some players from receiving +1 AP after reaching the Karma threshold.
- Fixed issue with actors entering fog of war erroneously running super fast.
- DMS: Fixed several places where base attribute or skill was being checked instead of current attribute or skill in conversations.
- DMS: Fixed prop placement issues in various levels.
- DMS: Fixed more typos.
- Editor: Editor should now be able to select subscribed content packs as dependencies.
- UGC: Fixed bug causing some subscribed content packs from appearing in game.
- UGC: Fixed an issue preventing content packs larger than 100MB from being uploaded.

Known Issues
- Some users are experiencing occasional timeouts while uploading content packs (especially larger ones). This has been identified as an issue with the Steam Workshop servers and Valve is working on a fix.
- Some users are reporting excessive disk space being used by the asset caching process. We are looking into ways to address and/or minimize this issue.

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