Sam Ock - Rest Easy 2012

Asia, Japanese. January 13, 2013 by ranikid.

The exclusive album opens with "Small", a heartfelt, simplistic jazz vocal with an equally as simple yet beautiful backing track which accentuates Sam's solid instrumental skills on the guitar and piano. His clever composure is profoundly evident on this track, having competently mixed a percussion track with what sounds like nothing but his hands clapping together. The guitar solo, much like Ock's whole identity, is strummy and relaxed, yet still entirely professional and wholly impressive.

サム・オック - Rest Easy
MP3 / 320 / CD
Genre: Jazz

"Rest Easy" was crafted around the concept of living life with eternal peace and steadfast love throughout all its trials and turmoils, due to the assurance of grace, glory, and incomparable company of Jesus Christ, who Sam Ock believes and tries to proclaim as the way, the truth, and the life. The hope for this album is to provide a place where pain and peace are able to have honest dialogue within the listener's introspection, gently prodding one's beliefs and hopefully pointing out the distinction within Sam's music which constantly tries to direct an ear to Whom he believes is the source of inspiration, love, joy, peace, and goodness itself.

May this EP be your study buddy, commute crooner, night cap, morning songbird, or whatever else you may find it to be.

日本を代表する次世代クリエイターとの呼び声も高い"mabanua"が、あふれ出す才能とあくなき探究心で創り上げた2ndアルバム! まるでビートルズもヒップホップも同列に並べ吸収し、その全てを吐き出したようなスタイルで、今までありそうでなかった新感覚ミュージックを創り上げた。ジャンルを超え全ミュージックラヴァーの愛聴盤となるであろう珠玉の10曲が収録された究極の1枚、遂に完成!

1. Small
2. Rest Easy
3. All I Need (Rollercoaster Part II)
4. New Sights ft. Gowe, J. Han, & Manifest
5. Peaceful & Lovely
6. Good Morning, Good Evening

filename: 130113-SamOck-RestEasy2012-320cd
size: 142.63Mb (320cd) - bandcamp

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