Sabi Otoko Sabi Onna 2011 JAP DVDRip x264 AC3-zdzdz

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Sabi Otoko Sabi Onna 2011 JAP DVDRip x264 AC3-zdzdz
Sabi Otoko Sabi Onna 2011 JAP DVDRip x264 AC3-zdzdz

Japanese Ttle: サビ男サビ女
Alternative: Sabi Otoko Sabi Onna

Year: 2011
Country: Japan
Director: Masanori TominagaYosuke Fujita, Masaya Kakehi, Tomoko Matsunashi, Mipo Oh, Gen Sekiguchi
Screenwrieter: Yosuke Fujita, Masaya Kakehi, Tomoko Matsunashi, Mipo Oh, Gen Sekiguchi
Genre: Comedy / Drama
Runtime: 91 min
Language: Japanese
Subtitles: None
Release Date: January 15, 2011

= segment "Hagemashi Girls (Cheering Girls)" =
* Nanami Sakuraba - Chiharu
* Emiko Kawamura - Sanae
* Kumiko Shiratori - Mamiko
* Tomoya Nakamura - Mitsuru
* Seminosuke Murasugi - Hoshimura
* YosiYosi Arakawa - Masuteo

= segment "Boy? meets girl." =
* Aoi Nakamura - Konosuke Muratsubaki
* Misako Renbutsu - Kaori Shiroyama
* Ini Kusano - Kato

= segment "Claim Night!" =
* Tomochika - Mayuko Kusuhara
* Tenkyu Fukuda - Hideki Kasai

= segment "Sebiro Yashiki" =
* Kyoko Koizumi - Mayumi Okada
* Yoshiyuki Morishita - Katsuhiko Hirata
* Keisuke Horibe - Katsuo Kato
* Tetsushi Tanaka - Yoshio Okada

Synopsis/ Plot:
= segment "Hagemashi Girls (Cheering Girls)" =
Written & Directed by Yosuke Fujita

Chiharu (Nanami Sakuraba) is a female university student. She likes cheering for people. Chiharu, Mamiko (Kumiko Shiratori) and Sanae (Emiko Kawamura), three female students then form the Hagemashi Girls (Cheering Girls). They dance and sing to encourage others around them.
One day the Hagemashi Girls visits Masuteo's (YosiYosi Arakawa) shop. The Hagemashi Girls find out Masuteo wants the girls to cheer for athlete Kokanezaki (Katsuhiro Nagano), who is in a slump this season. Right away the Hagemashi Girls go to the riverside where the player is practicing. The Hagemashi Girls encourage Kokanezaki. Masuteo is impressed by the girls and takes them out to eat. At that time, Hoshimura (Seminosuke Murasugi) approaches the group and asks the girls to cheer for him. In the past, Hoshimura scolded his subordinate and, because of that, his subordinate committed suicide. After that, Hoshimura felt heavy guilt and could not sleep. The Hagemashi Girls encourage him and this makes him tear.
In Chiharu's room, while Chiharu and her boyfriend Mitsuru (Tomoya Nakamura) are watching TV, the Hagemashi Girls appear in an an interview and this causes Chiharu & Mitsuru to argue. Mitsuru is furious that Chiharu is on television because Mitsuru wants to be an actor. After their argument they break up. Chiharu is left alone in the room. She turns on the TV and watches news of Kokanezaki's retirement. Kokanezaki announces that he is retiring because he was made fun of by three girls. Chiharu is shocked and passes out.
For 2 weeks Chiharu shuts herself in her room. Hoshimura calls Chiharu to ask her to encourage him one more time, but she turns him down. Then suddenly, in front of her, her other self appears in uniform. While being encourage by her other self, Chiharu decides to go cheer for Hoshimura. The Hagemashi Girls gather with Hoshimura on the top of a building. There, Hoshimura asks the girls to cheer for his suicide attempt.

= segment "Boy? meets girl." =
Written & Directed by Tomoko Matsunashi

Konosuke Muratsubaki (Aoi Nakamura) is an ordinary male student who is rarely noticed. But as a man he loves a woman. She is the most attractive girl in his grade level. Her name is Kaori Shiroyama (Misako Renbutsu) and she's the president of the photography club. Konosuke just watches her from a distance.
One day, Konosuke's friend Kato (Ini Kusano) disguises Konosuke into a woman. The next day, Konosuke, disguised as a woman, walks on the street of Harajuku. While walking, men look back at Konosuke and asks to take their picture with him. Konosuke becomes confident in his disguise as a woman. He thinks if he is disguised as a woman he can confess his feelings to Kaori.
Konosuke, disguised as a woman, hides and watches Kaori take pictures in the park. Suddenly, Kaori falls into the pond. In order to save Kaori, Konosuke runs to her. At that time, Kaori looks at him as a perfect model candidate. On an impulse, Konosuke introduces himself to Kaori as Miyu and they become friends. As a model and a photographer they become close, but Konosuke loves Kaori as a man.
Kaori then asks Konosuke to take pictures in the mountains. Konosuke forces make up on Kato and takes Kato too. While taking pictures, Kaori and Miyu go deeper into the mountain and soon night falls. They try to find each other. Finally Miyu finds Kaori around the cliff and Kaori falls from that cliff. Konosuke regrets that he lost the person he loves without doing anything.

= segment "Claim Night!" =
Written & Directed by Mipo Oh

Mayuko Kusuhara (Tomochika) is 35 years old and single. One night, she comes home, but the light doesn't work. Mayuko makes a phone call to the electricity company. A customer support representative tells Mayuko that her electricity bill was not paid. Mayuko is angry at the response of the customer support representative. Mayuko keeps complaining. Suddenly, the customer support rep. hangs up the phone. A short time later, a man from the electricity company visits Mayuko with crackers.
Hideki Kasai (Tenkyu Fukuda), who is in charge of complaints, apologizes to Mayuko. But Mayuko keeps complaining about the food in the refrigerator that went bad. She complains that she wants to eat pork shabu shabu. Kasai takes pictures of the rotten food and leaves saying that he will be back soon. Soon afterwards Kasai brings food.
Mayuko asks Kasai to have shabu shabu together. They have a good time eating food and wine. They spend the evening together, having desert. but suddenly Mayuko wears an lingerie with lace and tempts Kasai. Kasai gets embarrased and apologizes to her. With his reaction, Mayuko gets angry at him again and asks him to leave her house. Kasai leaves, but suddenly returns and gets angry at her. She is the person who did not pay her electricity bill. The two begin endless arguments.

= segment "Sebiro Yashiki" =
Written & Directed by Gen Sekiguchi

Mayumi Okada (Kyoko Koizumi) is a 43-year-old housewife. She lives in a home, rather than an apartment.
One hot afternoon, on the way back from a supermarket, she finds a man Katsuhiko Hirata (Yoshiyuki Morishita) in suit, who is sitting on a bench. Mayumi assumes he got fired, but can't tell his wife so he kills time in the park every day.
Mayumi finds herself feeling pity for him. She takes him to her home. Fortunately, she doesn't have kids and her husband comes home late. So for a while she lets him come to her home. The next day, Mayumi leaves Hirata at her home and she goes shopping. She finds a man, Katsuo Kato (Keisuke Horibe), at the park. She assumes that the man also got fired. She also takes Katsuo Kato to her home.
Whenever Mayumi goes out for shopping, she takes fired men to her home. So during the day, there are 15 men in suits at her home.
Mayumi's husband Yoshio Okada (Tetsushi Tanaka) pass by men in suits on the street in front of his home. He feels strange. One day, Hirata says he wants to help her with household chores, but she turns him down. Men are disappointed about that. So Mayumi asks them one favor. That is to catch a cockroach. A battle of 15 men versus a cockroach begins.

Sabi Otoko Sabi Onna 2011 JAP DVDRip x264 AC3-zdzdz



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