Russian Anti-Racist Skinheads 2011 PAL DOCU MDVDR-gFViD

MUSiC, MDVDR. February 29, 2012 by Jason.

Yes - to start with the bad news - sure there are still much too much boneheads in Russia (Boneheads = Nazi idiots).

The DVD starts with a part of the famous & great song from The Stagebottles "Russia"(Russian Antifascists keep the fight!..) This song is absolutely the best one to start this DVD - yeah!

But what you can find on this DVD? A lot of interviews with bands/bandmembers, crews, people, a lot of music videoclips, gig live clips. Tons of interesting stuff & infos. I must say this DVD is very very interesting!

(M)DVDR DATE: 28.02.2012
RUNTIME: 124mins
GENRE: Oi Doku

QUALITY: untouched
AUDIO: DD2.0 128 kbps 48 kHz

LANGUAGES: English/Russian
STRIPPED: nothing

But :) - the good news :) - in opposite to the nazi poisoned 90ties there is a bigger and bigger getting crew of antiracist & antifascists Skins, Skingirls, Punkrockers, Skinhead & Punkbands in Russia now, there are even big sections of SHARP, RASH & Trojan Skins in Russia now! Many activly antifascist people were murdered in last years by nazis in Russia. Even a lot of Skinheads & Punks paid with their life for their antifascist beliefs & actions. To be a antifascist skinhead/skingirl in Russia is not a fashion, it is a very hard way of life! And to shout out you not want to have anything to do with nazis can cost you your life in some areas in Russia. Antifascism is not some fashion for weekends there. But the russian antiracists / antifascist skinhead scene keeps on the fight day and night! And we wish them of course a lot of strength & luck! Fuck Fascism!

To get people outside the russian scene the possibility to get an overview about the russian antiracist Skinhead scene, was made this DVD.

Russian Anti-Racist Skinheads. Film about antifa skinheads from Russia. Director - Ian Ivanov. 2 hour documentary: interviews, shows and fights; complete review of Russian skinhead scene of recent years.

01. Old Style Values (Moscow)
02. Restless (Moscow)
03. Battletoads (Rjazan)
04. Linoleum (Perm)
05. Overtime (Moscow)
06. Opposite Against (Wladimir)
07. Razor Bois (Moscow)
08. Voennoe Polozenie (Hools with the Boots) (N. Novgorod)
09. The Zapoy (Moscow)
10. Redcard (Moscow)
11. Nichego Horoschego (Petrozavodsk)
12. Klowns (Kirov)
13. The Dissenting (Petrozavodsk)
14. Brigadir (Saint Petersburg)
15. The Last Train (Saratov)
16. Keine Engel (Perm)
17. What We Feel (Moscow)
18. Mister X (Grodno)
19. Trojan Crew (Sankt Petersburg)
20. The Lappers (Moscow)
21. The Alcobastards (Saint Petersburg)
22. Bystreet (Moscow)

extra interviews with and more infos about:

Red & Anarchist Skinheads
Skinheads Against Racial Prejudice
DJ Stalingrad
Moscow Trojan Skinheads
Ivan (Kostolom)
Beppe Modigliane (football)

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  • [29-02-2012]
  • Jason
  • [4 March 2012 20:00]
American Skinhead,
In the past we use Wupload and fileserve, but now we dont, why? simple, they will block our account, and delete all files on it

its impossible to upload there nowdays


  • American Skinhead
  • [4 March 2012 17:35]
These files are blocked here in the USA, after tyrannical copyright-enforcements of late days.
Can the uploaders PLEASE share a Torrent with us of this material? I shall bootleg it and share it with the locals here if you can do it. I live near #1 Skinhead city in the US which is Portland!!!

Alternative is to upload it in pieces like this, but to WUPLOAD, FILESERVE or something that the servers are not blockaded from coming into the USA!