Router Commander Free Edition 1.0.20 - Silent Installation

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Router Commander Free Edition 1.0.20 - Silent Installation | 5.43 MB

Is your Internet Slow or Unstable Through Router? Do you need more port forwarding rules and want to map ports automatically? Do you suspect that somebody has rogue access to your router via the wireless? Router Commander can help you.

Using Router Commander you can tune up router settings for maximum performance for faster surfing the Web, playing online games, and downloading files. You can always know what’s going on with Router using NAT, Routing, Memory, CPU usage indicators, built-in Syslog server and bandwidth monitor. Email notification informs you about WAN address changes, wireless connections, Syslog messages from router remotely.

Have a problem with Skype, µTorrent or other software that serves incoming connections? Solve it with built-in automatic port forwarding that detects TCP ports opened by applications running on your system and will map them to your router. Once you forward the port, you will notice a huge increase in the download speeds. Unlike other software, Router Commander is not limited by number of port forwarding rules or other router’s WEB interface limitations.

Router Commander can help you to better secure your wireless network. Unauthorized wireless connections can be detected, logged and blocked.

With Router Commander you can:
Prevent router hangs
Optimize and speed up the Internet connection
Troubleshoot ADSL Line problems
Built-in Syslog server
Automatic port forwarding
Bandwidth monitor
Find out unauthorized access to a wireless network

Internet connection optimization.
Router Commander tunes router's network settings to boost up the Internet connection performance. User can select predefined optimization parameters, like P2P network optimized settings, or change any of TCP, NAT and ICMP parameters.
Syslog server.
Router Commander has built-in Syslog server. User can search messages, filter them, using different criteria or regular expressions, export Syslog messages or forward them to email account.
Automatic port forwarding.
If you use programs that serve incoming connections like Skype or µTorrent you have to setup router’s port forwarding. Without correct router configuration a program that requires the port forwarding will either don’t function fully or at all! Once you forward the port, you will notice a huge increase in the download speeds. Router Commander can automatically detect TCP ports opened by applications running on your system and will map them to your router.
Bandwidth monitor.
Bandwidth Monitor constantly monitors the router bandwidth usage. The software displays download and upload speeds in easy to understand graphical forms.
Find out and prevent unauthorized access to a wireless network.
With Router Commander you can always see what devices are using the router resources. The software shows IP, MAC, wired or wireless connection type, last connected date and time. You can also restrict some devices from connecting to the router by using MAC Blocking. With Router Commander is possible to restrict Internet connection usage for children using a built-in scheduler. You can always see who is using your wireless network!
ADSL Line Troubleshootinging.
Do you have built-in DSL modem in the router and your line are slow or disconnects for no reason from time to time? Find out the reason now. Router Commander can detect common DSL line problems like low SNR Margin, CRC errors, number of disconnects and show it in easy to understand form. Go and check for your self that you don't have any DLS line quality related problems!

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