Rohos Logon Key v2.5.0.0

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Rohos Logon Key v2.5.0.0

Rohos Logon Key v2.5.0.0 | File-Size: 1.79 MB
Rohos Logon Key - Secure Windows login; 2-factor authentication; Use a USB flash drive for Windows logon;

It converts any USB drive into a security token for your computer and allows to access Windows in a secure way by USB token, replacing the Windows login.

Your Computer security benefits:

1. Replaces weak password based login with a hardware USB key (USB flash drive or memory card)
2. Uses big password, without the need for remembering it
3. Login with a USB Key is fully automatic and fast!
4. The system is password protected but you don't need to enter it manually each time you log in or unlock Windows
5. Secure 2-factor login: Your USB Key + PIN code password
6. Use a single USB Key to sing-in into your Home, laptop and office computer
7. Access restriction to computer based on USB Key/time factor
8. Windows is protected even in Safe Mode
9. Assigning a password to your user account allows to set a better protection for hibernated computer.

No risk because of:

1. Emergency Logon that helps to access your system in case you lost USB drive or forgot PIN code
2. PIN code to protect USB Key against unauthorized usage for login (with limited attempts to enter)
3. Safe Mode guard - no chance for Bad Guy to bypass USB Key security by loading Windows in Safe Mode
4. Rohos uses NIST approved data-security principles: password is not stored on the USB Key in open form, USB Key copy protection does not allow to create unauthorized Key duplicates; All data on the Key are encrypted with AES-256 bit key length.

Basic program features explained:

* Rohos replaces your Windows login/password with a USB Key. Regular password based login can be prohibited
* As USB Key you can use your USB flash drive, U3 Smart flash drive or SD/MMC memory card
* Automatic login or unlock when USB Key is detected
* Automatic Windows lock when user withdraws USB Key from computer. And more options for what you would like to happen whenever the USB key is removed, such as go into hibernation, activate Screen Saver, Logoff.
* [Unique] Protects your computer even in Windows Safe Mode login. It is not possible to bypass USB Key security by loading computer into Safe Mode.
* Flexible USB Key options: A single Key can be used to log in into multiple computers - OR - A computer can accept only a single Key for login, ignoring stranger keys.
* Restricts access to a PC for certain users based on time factor. Access is limited to a certain amount of time user can stay logged in. When the user's time is up, Rohos will lock the desktop automatically.
* Special options for corporate customers: 60-day trial period, Installation guide, MSI package, Server version with USB Key Management utility.

Authentication integrated within the Windows Logon
Rohos integrates into Windows logon model, USB key for password-less login Rohos integrates into any Windows logon configuration (model): Local computer logon or AD network joined workstation, Windows XP/Vista home computer, Novell Client login, Remote desktop login. Thus, no compatibility problems will be encountered after installing Rohos.

Completely simulate Smart Card logon
In comparison with Smart Card Logon, Rohos Logon Key provides you with more functions that are easier to use. In corporate networks environment Rohos can stop users to use USB login key to store and transmit personal files.

Corporate data security
The Rohos Logon Key can be configured to block the USB flash drive (that is used as a login Key) or any removable media drive from user access. This protects your company from information theft.

Rohos Logon Key is considered to be the most convenient, user-friendly and smart password replacement application on the market.

ОS: Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista




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