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Rocks Keep RuneStorm

release notes: Simply skip the serial inquiry and have fun


Deathmatch. Pretty graphics. Multiplayer & AI. Decapitation.

Descend into a brutal tournament where factions of sinister knights and grotesque beasts battle for domination in bloody arena matches and furious melee brawls. Crush opponents with hammers and shields, rend flesh with razor sharp claws and slice off heads with swords and axes.

In Rooks Keep, players will maim their competitors in both a selection of deathmatch-arena game-modes such as 'Deathmatch', 'Team-Deathmatch', 'Conversion', 'Chess', 'Last-Man-Standing' and 'Combat Chess'. Play solo, jump into multiplayer matches, or add AI opponents to squash under-foot in both single and multiplayer. You can even use 3rd party Chess engines, such as Stockfish, which is included with RK.
The game is set in a uniquely styled fantasy world, where factions battle ceaselessly for your entertainment.

To be clear, Rooks Keep is a deathmatch arena game featuring Chess as one of the game-modes.

**Update responding to feedback in the comments**
Regarding Chess implementation in Rooks Keep. We should have been clearer, and we're still learning things, but Chess can be thought of as a game-mode for the game. Like you have 'Deathmatch', 'Team-Deathmatch' and 'Conversion', you also have 'Chess'. The game itself can best be thought of as "UT with swords" rather than Battle-Chess (which I've never played). Chess and Combat Chess are simply game-types alongside the others.

Key Features:

Unique and detailed gothic-fantasy themed environments.
Deathmatch arena based gameplay across various free-for-all and team game-modes.
Combat system based on various attacks, parrying, blocking, upgrade-able skills and more.
Classic and Combat Chess game-modes.
Detailed characters, complete with unique personal animations, effects and an expansive gore system.
Online and LAN multiplayer and AI support for all gametypes.
3rd party Chess engine support.
A wide selection of maps.
Mod support with editor.
Rooks Keep is running on the powerful Unreal® Development Kit™ from Epic Games™.

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