Ripple Training - Motion 5: Rigging & Publishing for Final Cut Pro X

Tutorial & e-learning. June 23, 2011 by bomb.
Ripple Training - Motion 5: Rigging & Publishing for Final Cut Pro X
Ripple Training - Motion 5: Rigging & Publishing for Final Cut Pro X
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Introducing Motion 5: Rigging & Publishing Titles, Transitions, Effects & Generators for Final Cut Pro X. With Apple's introduction of Motion 5, creating killer motion graphics is just the beginning. Using two new features of Motion 5 called Rigging and Publishing you can now create titles, transitions, effects and generators so that their parameters appear in and can be modified in Final Cut Pro X. Furthermore, multiple parameters can now be "rigged" to a single control such as a checkbox, pop-up menu or slider (called widgets). With these incredible publishing and rigging tools, you can be more than a motion graphics designer, you can now become a motion graphics publisher.


Introduction to Rigging & Publishing
Overview of rigging and publishing titles, transitions, effects & generators for Final Cut Pro X. (Time 3:28)

L01 Rigging & Publishing Titles Part 1
The Motion interface, title project elements, designing a simple title, saving a title template, publishing parameters, updating titles in FCP, un-publishing parameters, animating the title, using build in and build out markers, rigging widgets (Time 19:36)

L02 Rigging & Publishing Titles Part 2
Adding parameters to a rig, creating snapshots, rigging key concept #1, rigging key concept #2, renaming rigged parameters, publishing a widget, creating DARS, rigging key concept #3 (Time11:14)

L03 Rigging & Publishing Titles Part 3
Creating selectable backgrounds, rigging the background textures, publishing a widget, rigging color options, using a checkbox widget, testing rigged colors in FCP, rigging keyframed animation, rigging behaviors (Time 7:14)

L04 Rigging & Publishing Titles Part 4
Publishing drop zones, rigging color themes, using stored colors for themes, viewing color themes in FCP (Time 6:06)

L05 Rigging & Publishing Transitions Part 1
Transition placeholders, keys to designing a transition template, creating the transition, overriding transition duration, applying transitions in FCP (Time 5:14)

L06 Rigging & Publishing Transitions Part 2
Adding a drop zone to a transition, transition drop zone types, media source drop zones in FCP, updating transitions in FCP, Timeline pin drop zones in FCP, rigging the drop zone, using the checkbox widget (Time 7:31)

L07 Rigging & Publishing Transitions Part 3
Adding a replicated drop zone, rigging the project, creating a 4:3 DARS, testing the Rigged transition in FCP (Time 9:05)

L08 Rigging & Publishing Effects Part 1
Effect project contents, adding content to placeholder, creating a simple "look" effect, publishing placeholder content, rigging the effect, clearing placeholder content, replacing effect in FCP (Time 13:01)

L09 Rigging & Publishing Effects Part 2
Understanding the slider widget, rigging the slider widget, modifying snapshot interpolation, apply the rigged effect in FCP, keyframing the slider widget in FCP, adjusting the keyframed widget in FCP (Time 14:28)

L10 Rigging & Publishing Effects Part 3
Creating a flicker effect, scaling effects in Final Cut Pro, using the Project Loop End Marker, rigging the slider widget (Time 6:35)

L11 Rigging & Publishing Generators Part 1
Generators vs. Motion projects, generator uses, designing the Generator, rigging the Generator, the impact of not planning ahead, applying the generator in FCP, compositing a title over a Generator (Time 10:54)

L12 Rigging & Publishing Generators Part 2
Project breakdown, rigging the generator, duplicating the rigged object, renaming and reordering published parameters, using the Rigged Generator in FCP, retiming a video clip, using multiple Motion templates (Time 13:08)

L13 Rigging & Publishing Generators Part 3
Regular Motion projects, working with older Motion projects, saving a Motion 4 project as a generator, using the generator in Final Cut Pro, publishing drop zones, rig the project (Time10:28)

***Project files are included

Ripple Training - Motion 5: Rigging & Publishing for Final Cut Pro X


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