Rent-a-Cat (Renta Neko) R2J NTSC DVD9

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Rent-a-Cat (Renta Neko) R2J NTSC DVD9

DVD release of the film "Rent-a-Cat (Renta Neko)" directed by Naoko Ogigami of "Kamome Diner," "Glasses," and "Toilet." Stars Mikako Ichikawa. Plot: Sayoko is an anything-but-ordinary woman who rents cats to lonely people. Some of the renters include an old woman who lost her husband and her loving cat, a middle-aged man who moved away from his family for work, a woman working at a reception desk and questioning her existence, and a man who has a connection with Sayoko. As she helps to fill their spiritual voids, Sayoko also changes little by little

Rent-a-Cat (Renta Neko) R2J NTSC DVD9
Running Time: 110 minutes
Format: NTSC Format [DVDISO]
Subtitles: English Japanese
Audio Track: Japanese: Dolby Digital 5.1ch
Japanese: Dolby Digital 2.0ch
Audio Format: DD 5.1, DD 2.0
iMDB Rating: 7.3/10

さみしいまま、なんてゼッタイいけません。荻上直子監督 (『かもめ食堂』『めがね』『トイレット』)最新作! 「レンタネコ」とは・・・人と猫の出会いを手伝う仕事。但し、"猫を貸すことにふさわしい条件が揃っているか"の審査付き。全部で17匹! 自然体のネコたちの魅力が満載!! 市川実日子が荻上作品初主演。ほか、草村礼子、光石研、山田真歩、田中圭、小林克也ら個性豊かな出演者たち。第62回ベルリン国際映画祭ほか、海外映画祭へ多数出品。 都会の一隅にある、平屋の日本家屋。幼い頃から猫に好かれていたサヨコ (市川実日子)は、たくさんの猫たちと暮らしながら、心寂しい人たちと猫を引き合わせていきます。サヨコから猫を借りるのは年齢も境遇も異なる人々。夫と愛猫に先立たれた婦人 (草村礼子)、単身赴任中の中年男 (光石研)、自分の存在意義に疑問を感じるレンタカー屋の受付嬢 (山田真歩)、サヨコと浅からぬ因縁を持ち、今はとある組織から追われる男 (田中圭)。そして謎の老人 (小林克也)の存在。彼らの心の隙間を埋める瞬間に立ち会いながら、サヨコにも次第に変化が訪れていきます。「レンターネコ、ネコ、ネコ。」都会の片隅でひっそりと営まれる1軒のレンタネコ屋が、今日もあなたに"レンタネコ"を届けます。 特典ディスクには、メイキングスライドショー、市川実日子×荻上直子監督対談、猫の達人に聞け! (「猫美術館」の鈴木さん/「キャットプリン」の岩佐さん)を収録。ブックレット (12P)、歌丸師匠カード (借用書つき)封入。アウターケース、デジパック、ピクチャーレーベル仕様。 ※「レンタネコ」「ハナシネコ」ダブル購入者応募抽選キャンペーン実施! 応募券封入。

Feeling lonely? Rent a cat from Sayoko, your friendly neighborhood cat lady! From Seagull Diner director Ogigami Naoko comes this lighthearted comedy about the magical spiritual healing power of felines. Ichikawa Mikako (Glasses) stars as the enigmatic Sayoko, who knows the perfect cat to be the solution to anyone's troubles – even if her own life seems to be a total mess. Possibly one of most the adorable films ever made in the history of motion pictures, Rent-a-Cat features a large cast of cats so cute that it will surely convert anyone into a cat lover. More like a series of short episodes than a single cohesive film, Rent-a-Cat follows the adventures of Sayoko (Ichikawa Mikako). A woman with a strange power of drawing cats to her home, Sayoko spends her day wandering the city with her cart of cats, looking for potential renters. Business is quiet on most days, but Sayoko has a list of very satisfied clients, including a lonely old lady, a man living away from his family for work in the big city, and a miserable sales clerk at a car rental agency. But for some reason, Sayoko can't seem to find anyone to cure her own case of loneliness...

Rent-a-Cat (Renta Neko) R2J NTSC DVD9
Rent-a-Cat (Renta Neko) R2J NTSC DVD9
Rent-a-Cat (Renta Neko) R2J NTSC DVD9
Rent-a-Cat (Renta Neko) R2J NTSC DVD9
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