Renoise V2.0.0 Full

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Renoise V2.0.0 Full
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A different approach to music composing
Renoise has a unique bottom-up approach to music making. With its vertical timeline and streamlined interface, Renoise lets you have direct control over the composition.

Renoise 2.0 features Precision, Timing and Plugin improvements


+ Full, automatic, sample precise Plugin Delay Compensation (PDC) for
Track FX (native and Plugin) and Instruments (aka everything).
You simply don't have to care if a VST Plugin or instrument introduces
unwanted latency. Renoise will compensate it for you under the hood.

+ Custom track delays to easily offset MIDI/Audio tracks. For example,
laying back a snare can now be done in realtime in the mixer. Same
goes for "MIDI tracks" (tracks with MIDI notes).

+ Mac OSX: Added support for Audio Unit (AU) Plugins (finally)

+ "Ticks" no longer limited by the engine's note resolution / "Speed" is dead:

- "Speed" (this tracker compatibility thing which no one understood, but
somehow made the pattern scroll faster) is finally gone. Better said, it got
replaced by more powerful and easier to use LPB settings (Lines Per Beat -
how many lines in the pattern make up a musical beat).

- You can now offset notes and note commands with a gradient of 1/256 line
precision (thats a PPQ of 4096 at LPB=16!) via a new "delay column" in the
pattern editor. This might be the first time you record something in a tracker
and it actually sounds exactly as groovy (or bad) as you played it!

- revised Sample FX commands: Pitch/Volume slides, glides now work
independently of the sampler's "tick" rate. For example, 0110 will
pitch notes a half-note up, 0101 a sixteenth half-note, etc. Volume/panning
slides on volume/panning column now work as if their value was the first digit
of the corresponding command column command (f.e.: 0720 = A2) See the tutorials
pages for more info about these and other effects.

- ready for the future: NoteDelays and LPB are the most important and necessary
steps for upcoming big features like Zoomable Patterns, Piano Roll, more accuracy
(timing wise) with FX automations, and so on.

IMPORTANT: Not all of the changes are backwards compatible, thus only new songs
can make use of all the new features. Old songs can be manually upgraded
in the "Song settings" pane, but will probably need manual adjustments...

+ Vastly improved MIDI recording precision by compensating event latencies
(and of course also thanks to the new note delays / LPB settings)

+ Added support (recording and playback) for channel and polyphonic
aftertouch for MIDI and VSTi instruments.

Polyphonic aftertouch is sent when specifying a volume value (velocity) after
a note on (but before a note off is present). Channel aftertocuh can be send via:
"--- 01 .. C3 00 20" (This will send a aftertocuh value of 20h to the instr. 01)

+ Added note quantize options for realtime recording and Note nudge options in
the Advanced Edit pane. There are also new shortcuts for realtime note
quantization to quickly quantize after recording.

+ Improved audio latency when recording: The Line-In device now lets you
specify the source of the recorded audio and will apply/fix latencies,
as needed.

+ Multi output VSTis (AUs) are now fully supported. Samplers or Synths
with multiple channels can now be routed to individual tracks.

+ Sending notes to VST (AU) FX is now supported. Simply create a FX alias
in the VST Instruments pane to do so (link an instrument to an existing

+ Added the ability to enter fractional BPM (like 127.56) is the BPM
box. Fractional values can only be entered by double clicking the BPM

+ Improved audio performance (lower latencies are possible) especially for OSX &
Linux, when running Renoise on multi-CPU machines.

Note: On Linux, you have to configure your system to allow Renoise to
create realtime threads. Usually this is done via PAM. Please see the
Linux FAQ for more details on how to configure your system to make use
of the improvements & fixes.

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