Rendering Low Resolution Environments in Maya 2011 (Digital Tutors)

Tutorial & e-learning. March 17, 2011 by viphan.

Rendering Low Resolution Environments in Maya 2011 (Digital Tutors)
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In this series of lessons we will explore a variety of techniques for creating realistic lighting which can also convey a
sense of mood and atmosphere within Maya.

Throughout these lessons we will learn how to use lights and shading network modifications to create the appearance of
real light sources, as well as using lights to call attention to particular areas of our scene. This course will be
placing emphasis on efficient rendering practices, and some guidelines that you can use in your day-to-day work to help
your renders proceed as quickly as possible. We will also take some time to learn how volume primitives and 3D textures
in Maya can be used to create complex volumetric effects within our scene.

Lesson Outline (20 lessons):

1. Introduction and Project Overview
2. Placing initial light sources in the scene
3. Using the Attribute Spread Sheet to control multiple lights
4. Using tone mapping and gamma correction in Maya
5. Creating a shading network to mimic light sources
6. Creating glow maps for the cooling tubes
7. Adding light sources underneath the cryogenic pods
8. Building glow maps for the pod platform
9. Illuminating the central pod platform
10. Creating light sources along the walls of our room
11. Using light linking to control illumination results
12. Creating glow maps for the floor
13. Creating bump maps for the floor
14. Placing secondary light sources within the room
15. Using volume primitives in Maya
16. Rendering volumetric steam and smoke in Maya
17. Placing final light sources throughout our room
18. Boosting the rendered quality of our Maya scene
19. Adding ambient occlusion to Maya shaders
20. Making final adjustments to the scene

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