RefGen.Reflexive Arcade DRM Keygen Maker v1.0 Read NFO-CORE

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RefGen.Reflexive Arcade DRM Keygen Maker v1.0 Read NFO-CORE

RefGen.Reflexive Arcade DRM Keygen Maker v1.0 Read NFO-CORE | 861.85 KB

Reflexive Arcade protection is based on RSA 150, CRC32, Base32 and a lot of custom stuff.

What is this?
In the new (updated) Reflexive algo they decided to give every
game title its own public key. Because of this, I made a Keygen
Maker since it's no longer possible to create an "universal"
keygen. The public key size is still pretty small in bits so the
Keygen Maker grabs the public key, factorises it, and then creates
a keygen.

But why release it to the public?
After leaving Lz0, I've watched how much my former team has gone
to complete lameness preing crappy converter apps and other lame
stuff. So I asked the Lz0 leader not to pre my work anymore (there
are logs for proof without a doubt). I recently found out he
didn't keep his promises. So here is the Keygen Maker for all you
groups out there. Please use it to race the shit out of these

Anything else?
Lets get something straight, I have a warm heart for the most Lz0
crackers (they know who they are). It's just their deceitful lying
bastard leader I can't stand anymore

Hai Lz0, get ready to be raced on whatever you do. Always keep in
mind this is not who I was, this is what I've become from all the
lies. I can't simply sit back anymore. If you ever wanna join a
decent group like CORE, you know where to find me. :)

r0lex / CORE 2010 - sandwiched between converter- & portable-spam.


msieve.dll = A renamed msieve.exe - it does the factorising.
RefGen.exe = The Keygen Maker.
kg.tmp = The Keygen Template.

How do I use this thing?

1. Go to the game directory and notice it has a ReflexiveArcade folder. Inside this folder, select the ReflexiveArcade.dll out of it (you can also drag and drop the dll onto RefGen).

2. Wait till RefGen says she's ready to build.

3. Enter the game title including its version number ex. Burger Shop v1.0

4. Press build and save the keygen. That's all folks


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