Real Studio 2011 R1.1 Multilingual

MACOSX. May 23, 2011 by Jolge.
Real Studio 2011 R1.1 Multilingual

Real Studio 2011 R1.1 Multilingual | 178 MB

Real Studio (Personal) (formerly Realbasic) is the easytouse integrated development environment (IDE) that enables users at all levels to create powerful standalone, native applications quickly and easily, without having to learn a complex programming language such as C++ or the details of the Macintosh Toolbox.
Real Studio enables users to create the entire user interface for their applications in minutes. The Realbasic programming language is objectoriented and highly compatible with Microsoft Visual Basic.

With Real Studio you can create all kinds of applications ranging from utilities to help make your life easier to enterprise applications. Whether youre new to programming or a seasoned developer, Real Studio will let you make your own applications, faster.

Real Studio Personal Edition Features include:

Build highquality, native applications.
Mac, Windows and Linux versions available.
Easytolearn language.
Includes RealSQLDatabase for single user applications.
Extendable via third party plugins.
Networking with support for TCP, UDP, Web (HTTP), Email (POP3 and SMTP), and SOAP.
Builtin debugger.
XML support.
Regular expressions.
Support for Apple events, Keychain, Spotlight, the Dock and the Address Book (Mac version only).
Read and write files.
Comes with tutorials.
Extensive support for bitmap and vector graphics.
Support for Quicktime.
Available in English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Japanese, Simplified and Traditional Chinese.

Whats New
Version 2011.1.1.0:

Easier Deployment of Web Applications: This release removes the prior implementation for FastCGI deployment using REAL Studio Web Edition. The new CGI option outputs a Perl script that acts as a gateway between your web server and your application. The Perl script goes into the cgibin folder, allowing for easier hosting and supporting many more hosting services.
Improved Web Application Exception Handling: The Session class now has an UnhandledException event to make it easier to trap exceptions that were not handled in code.
Improved Web Application javascript Error Handling: When an error occurs in the clientside javascript a dialog is now presented that gives the user an option to send the error message to the web application. This information is received by an event the developer can implement to log this information.
Improved Web Application File Uploading: You can now limit the number of files the user can upload and new events have been added allowing you to determine when a file has been added or removed.
Improved XML Support: XML Classes now use LibXML2, which is actively updated.
Improved HTMLViewer: The HTMLViewer now supports getting and setting custom user agent strings and increasing/decreasing the font size.
Multiuser Support for RealSQLDatabase: RealSQLDatabase now has a new MultiUser property. This allows web applications to permit multiple users access to a RealSQLDatabase file at the same time. This may eliminate the need, for some web applications, to require a database server.
Improved WebListBox: This WebListBox now has a CellClick event, just like the desktop Listbox has. It also now has Cell and Column style properties allowing far greater control over the look and behavior of cells.
Improved Drag and Drop: The new DragPicture property lets you use an image for dragging.
Improved Mac OS X Clipboard Support: UTIs (Universal Type Identifiers) are now supported by the Clipboard class on Mac OS X.
New Microsoft SQL Server Support: A new, native Microsoft SQL Server plugin has been added. This plugin supports Windows only.
Improved Cocoa support: This release includes a huge number of improvements to our Cocoa framework. See the release notes for more details.

Intel, Mac OS X 10.4 or later


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