Raxco PerfectDisk 10 Build 100

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Raxco PerfectDisk 10 Build 100
Raxco PerfectDisk v10 Build 100 | 46.66 MB

Keep your computer running like new. PerfectDisk 10 Professional's industry-leading defragmenting features speed up everything you do, from browsing the web to downloading music and editing pictures. Plus, you'll see faster machine boot times and fewer software crashes and hangs. PerfectDisk 10 Professional's patented SMARTPlacement feature is the most sophisticated defragging solution available. It identifies the files you use most and then organizes them according to your unique usage patterns. This comprehensive process yields faster subsequent defrag passes, quicker computer boots, slower rates of fragmentation, reduced resource consumption and improved performance of desktops and laptops.

Get the largest piece of consolidated, contiguous free space possible. PerfectDisk 10 Professional's exclusive Space Restoration Technology ensures that new files are created contiguously. This combined with industry-leading SMARTPlacement defrag features means optimal performance of desktops and laptops. Defragment your systems according to your unique operations and needs. Daily, weekly, or when the screensaver is on. AutoPilot Scheduling let you defragment your PCs and laptops according to your unique needs. Work uninterrupted. Helping your office work at optimum efficiency, PerfectDisk 10 Professional's new StealthPatrol feature lets you schedule defrags only during computer idle times.

Unlike typical defraggers, PerfectDisk 10 Professional completely defrags your virtual drives (all files and metadata) and consolidates free space in just one pass – no matter how large or fragmented the system. With revolutionary minimal-free-space requirement, you can defrag an entire drive with as little as 1% free space. PerfectDisk 10 Professional innovative Selected Files Defrag feature gives you complete control over the files you defrag – from a single file, to selected files, to the entire drive. Manage defragmentation seamlessly across your entire enterprise. Add the PerfectDisk 10 Enterprise Console (sold separately) for enhanced deployment, scheduling, reporting and virtualization capabilities – all accessed through a simple administrative interface.

Key features:
» Patented SMARTPlacement™ Optimization
» Space Restoration Technology
» Single-pass File and Free Space Defragmentation
» Complete Automation
» Minimal Free Space Requirement
» Complete NTFS Metadata File Defragmentation
» Optimized Master File Table (MFT) Placement
» Selected Files Defrag
» CPU and I/O Throttling
» User-defined thresholds
» Full Active Directory Integration
» Optional GUI-less Installation
» Full-featured Command Line Interface
» Low System Resource Usage
» Automatic Shutdown After Defrag
» Defragments directories, pagefile and hibernate file

New features:
» Improved performance
» Smart automatic StealthPatrol
» Complete space management reports
» Faster Free Space Consolidation
» Enhanced AutoPilot Scheduling
» Unattended automatic scheduling for virtual machines
» Complete defragmentation of all system files and NTFS metadata on virtual drives
» Enhanced user interface

What's new in PerfectDisk 10 Build 100

* New Features
1. Active Directory management functionality included in PerfectDisk for Exchange.

* Bug Fixes
1. Fixed crash in Space Explorer on File System tree when user right clicks on an empty space.
2. Fixed detection of pagefile on Vista during boot time defrag.
3. Consolidate Free Space - running a long time after progress is 100%.
4. Close button behavior reverts back to minimize in system tray.
5. An additional schedule without name is created when user adds StealthPatrol Schedule.
6. PerfectDisk for Exchange - wrong datastore being compacted.
7. Unwanted window with Pause button is shown on launch when Group Policy is configured.
8. $UsnJrnl:$J data stream is reported as having 0 fragments, even if it's fragmented.
9. StealthPatrol Schedule starts immediately upon creation.
10. Duplicate search settings return to default after being saved.
11. Statistics tab should not be opened for a drive with Defragmenting status.
12. Welcome to PerfectDisk wizard keeps defaulting to Desktop computer.
13. Space Explorer progress bar labeled with previously run drive/folder.
14. Widows Home Server plug-in uses old icon.
15. Considerable time is required to open PerfectDisk log.
16. Incorrect URL for ‘Ask a Question’ in Product Resources.
17. Online defrag on FAT/FAT32 drives does not need to compare directory fragmentation with threshold.
18. Open "Using GPMC" page by default if Group Policy Management Console is installed.
19. Consolidate Free Space defragmentation ignores threshold settings for a drive.
20. Recycler results table can not be resized to show all results.
21. Recycler reports double number of files cleaned in Recycler Bin on Vista.
22. In StealthPatrol schedule list of important processes make GUI width too big.
23. F5 button checks Recycle Bin and Temporary Files checkboxes on Recycler tab.
24. ‘Every X weeks’ setting maximum is 99 on welcome wizard.
25. Text does not fit on Space Explorer pane.
26. Start and Stop buttons of Duplicates Finder pane uses the same tooltip.
27. "Exit PerfectDisk" settings does not work on Windows 2000.
28. Drive Map context menu needs to be restricted to the drive map area.
29. PerfectDisk for Exchange launches with an error when install on a workstation.

homepage - http://www.perfectdisk.com/

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