Ravens Cry Update v1.02-CODEX

Games, PC Games. February 14, 2015 by Anonymous.

Raven's Cry - Update v1.02
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This patch requires:

Update v1.02:

- Added Benchmark in Settings menu.
* this is the first version and will be extended
* the test allows to change the graphic detail settings according to the system performance
- Added Language selection in Settings (texts/voiceovers).

- Fixed crash after opening map in Temple level.
- Several levels and physics changes.

- Increased HP of Man Of War.
- Increased HP of Ship Of The Line.
- Reputation system tweaked.
- Random encounters balanced.

- Added visual hint when a fighting skill is ready to use.
- Removed unnecessary map markers during tutorial.
- Added information about hiring crew into Ship Tutorial.

- Improved the look of several objects and levels.
- Fixed few spelling errors.
- Pliny is now properly named.

(!!!spoilers alert!!! - please do not read, if you did not play the game so far)

Please note: Save Games from version 1.00 and 1.01 are compatible, but quest related bugs are stored in the old save games from version 1.00/1.01 - fixes of quest bugs will be only effective, if the game is re-started.

- Fixed Agent on Santorio's Island.
- Kensington's ship quest may be solved also by boarding ships.
- Fixed first meeting with Avery.
- Ray has to be killed in order to meet with his master.
- Lancaster ("One last favor"):
* fixed Quest Log entry and rewards,
* officers should be more aggresive,
* Lancaster should now properly avoid obstacles.
- The Battle of Cumana: fixed ships behaviour (French faction)
- Using flag works as intended (French faction)
- breaking English faction quest by escaping encounter with Spaniards is no longer possible.
- Battle of Cumana is now easier (English faction)
- added information to quest log to distinguish both Mr. Dwights.
- Cheng now can be hired after battle of Cumana.
- fixed potential deadlock in English faction chain quest.
- fixed bug blocking the French faction quest
- Revamped "Dirty Dozen" quest:
* Now there are two guard stations where Kensington's men hang out. One in Port Royale, one in Santo Domingo.
* The Players needs to take the uniforms from chest in that guard stations (by force or sneak)
- Revamped "Spice of Life" quest:
* instead of a tournee of Caribbean the Player needs to poison the spice crates in Kensington's warehouse in Cumana (either by force or sneaking)

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