Ravens Cry Update v1.01-CODEX

Games, PC Games. February 6, 2015 by Anonymous.

Raven's Cry - Update v1.01
Protection : Steam+Activation

Notes: This patch requires: CODEX release of Raven's Cry

Update v1.01:

- Steam DRM encryption removed (improves overall stability and performance)
- Random EXE crashes fixed
- fixed bug causing hero to freeze in the air
- fixed bugs with flying NPCs / enemies
- Level fixes in Santo Domingo, Bridgetown, Port Royal, Saint George, Santa Muerte, San Juan

- ship mast HP increased
- adjusted price of some goods
- some balancing adjustments in skills

- tool tips added to Quest Log
- Tutorial messages added to Quest Log
- various corrections in quest log

- Various animations improved
- Improved character models
- Port Royal Ship markers Positions fixed
- camera positions in various dialogues fixed
- fixed bug with officer's models on the ship (but the hooker stays ;))
- St. Domingo: ladders added
- Santa Muerte: corrected stairs

- missing German VOs added
- missing English VOs added
- some distance volume corrections

- HD video clips - default set to OFF (please note, switch ON if system speed allows)

- Unlocked Deluxe Edition items
- Preorder Items will unlock Feb.8th 2015

(!!!spoilers alert!!! - please do not read, if you did not play the game so far)

Please note: Save Games from version 1.00 are compatible, but quest related bugs are stored in the old save games from version 1.00 - fixes of quest bugs will be only effective, if the game is re-started.

- Game Over message, while failing to defend Santorio's Island now properly displayed
- Kensington ship quest will be solved even if ships are boarded
- France Fraction Quest: using flag in the Battle of Cumana now should work properly.
- Blockade at British Waters now blocks efficiently.
- Chests on Isla Dauphine now opens properly
- British Fraction Quest is now available later in the game, not from beginning.
- Additional Reales and Experience for Fraction Quests

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