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RattleSoft IgnitionDesk
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IgnitionDesk allows support staff to receive and respond to support requests faster and easier. Staff can manage enterprise resources, such as Microsoft Active Directory®, LANDesk Management suite, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Unified Communications, and more from one, easy to use interface. IgnitionDesk even lets staff schedule meetings, send emails and drag attachments from Microsoft Office Outlook® 2007.

Ease of Use By using the same interface that Microsoft Office 2007 uses, support staff need less training compared to other service management solutions that use poorly designed and complex layouts. Common and related tasks are grouped together and the entire application can be customized by the user to fit their roles.

Integration IgnitionDesk integrates with technologies your organization has already purchased and has deployed. Because we can't possibly integrate with every enterprise technology, we also offer customers the ability to purchase the source code of IgnitionDesk for internal use. IgnitionDesk is written using the Microsoft .Net Framework (C#).

Cost We offer a number of licensing plans that fit almost every type of organization, and if we don't have on that fits you, we can work with you to provide the best solution. We know how the IT service management industry works and that customers and support staff need access to service data without confusing and restrictive licensing.

Migration Most organizations looking to use IgnitionDesk are already stuck with an aging IT service management solution. IgnitionDesk makes it easier than ever to migrate over. We provide tools to import customer profiles from Active Directory. We can also provide advice and assistance with moving to IgnitionDesk.

Business Needs

* Reduce resolution times for support requests.
* Avoid missing Service Level Agreements (SLAs).
* Easy auditing of tickets.
* Geographically locate customers easily.
* Manage Active Directory accounts more efficiently.
* Collaborate between support staff easily.
* Integrate with existing technologies (Microsoft Office, Active Directory, LANDesk, Microsoft Unified Communications).

Detailed Features and Benefits

* Service desk staff can reset Active Directory® accounts easily and quickly from within IgnitionDesk.
* Using templates, staff can quickly create a ticket based on the support issue, and fill in the blanks.
* Receive visual cues and alerts when support requests are or going to be breached.
* Group support requests by location, customer, target date, priority, and more.
* View a customer's location on an interactive map (Using Microsoft Virtual Earth).
* Integrates with Microsoft Office 2007, allows support staff to create appointment requests and send emails (In template form as well) to customers.
* All actions, such as journal entries, ticket updates, appointment requests, and emails are logged for auditing.
* Incident and journal areas allow staff to create rich text (Bullets, font formatting, images, etc). Staff can also copy content from Office or their Internet browser and paste it into the content areas easily.
* Customize the email and print templates to match your company's brand. Ignite uses HTML to format and style the templates.
* Written in Microsoft C# .NET using Microsoft SQL Server 2005 for database storage, IgnitionDesk is designed for the enterprise organization in mind. Source code available for internal use. In-house developers can now modify IgnitionDesk to fit the company's exact needs.
* Export ticket queries to Microsoft Office Excel® 2007, allowing staff and administrators to create charts, filter data, and more using Microsoft Office Excel. After exporting to Excel, you could import that data into Microsoft Office SharePoint® Server (MOSS)!
* Drag & drop files from Windows Explorer or attachments from Microsoft Office Outlook® into tickets.
* Import customer profiles for IgnitionDesk from your Active Directory domain(s). IgnitionDesk allows administrators to set filtering options and create new customer records from Active Directory profiles.
* Integrates with Microsoft Office Communicator / Microsoft Unified Communications. View the status of other users and customers and communicate via instant message or call them.
* Create email reports to send to other users. The reports allow faster communication of information. Each report contains links to the tickets, allowing the user to launch IgnitionDesk from an email message.
* Users can now send feedback directly to RattleSoft about features, allowing us to tailor IgnitionDesk to the needs of service desk staff. We've found that service desk staff will often discover new features that would make their jobs easier and would like them added.
* Federated Search allows you to search IgnitionDesk as well as 3rd party sites, like Microsoft Help & Support or Microsoft Live Search without leaving IgnitionDesk.

Version 2.2 - March 11th, 2009
This is the first non-beta, stable release of IgnitionDesk and usable in production environments.
* Fixed: Default query “My Missed Tickets” would list tickets that were closed.
* Fixed: Audit logs would be created when saving a ticket that claimed the active journal or target date had changed, however this was not the case.
* New: Added new help system that is constantly updated by RattleSoft. This allows us to provide new help articles without deploying an update to the application.
* New: Replaced old search system with new federated search system. Users can search tickets, journals, and 3rd party sites (Microsoft Help & Support is the only one available at the moment). We will be adding support for .OSDX search connectors (Those used in Microsoft’s new Windows 7).
* Fixed: When opening a closed ticket where the target date is before the day of viewing, the ticket would display warning colors that the ticket was breached.
* Fixed: Changed user interface issues regarding gradients.
* Fixed: Some columns were not wide enough to handle column's title.
* Fixed: Dialog icon on SQL Configuration window did not display correctly.
* Fixed: Minor user inteface styling resolved in Help system.
* Fixed: It was possible to click "OK" when selecting a customer to create a new ticket even though no customer was selected.

homepage - http://www.rattlesoft.com/

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