Rainmeter 2.1 beta with 4 Recmended Skins

Software. July 24, 2011 by Muawia.
Rainmeter 2.1 beta with 4 Recmended Skins
Rainmeter 2.1 beta with 4 Recmended Skins | 35.82 MB

As usual, Rainmeter 2.1 beta is fully backwards compatible with skins written for any version of Rainmeter, and you need only install the beta on top of your existing installation. No need to uninstall 2.0 or worry about overwriting changes you have made.

What's new in Rainmeter 2.1

Added the NowPlaying media player plugin by developer and overall Rainmeter superstar poiru.

This is a new plugin to support multiple media players, with full support for AIMP, Foobar2000, MediaMonkey, MusicBee, iTunes, VLC, WinAmp, and WMP. Partial support is also provided a bunch of other players such as Spotify. See the documentation at NowPlaying Plugin for details and usage instructions.

Added support for Aero Glass "blur" effects on skins!
This will allow you to have the Windows Aero effect, where your desktop background is "blurred" behind your skins or parts of skins. Windows Vista or Windows 7 is required or the new settings are ignored by Rainmeter. See Aero Blur for details and an example skin.

Improvements to FolderInfo plugin.

FolderInfo now returns size in bytes. If using InfoType=FolderSizeStr, (which until now autoscaled the value internally) AutoScale=1 should be added to the meter(s). While this does change the behavior, it allows for the use of Scale, NumOfDecimals, etc. that weren't possible prior to this change without an extra Calc measure.

Rainmeter 2.1 beta with 4 Recmended Skins

What is Rainmeter?

Rainmeter is a desktop customization platform. Through Rainmeter, you can enhance your Windows computer at home or work with skins: handy, compact applets which float freely on your desktop, much like Windows Sidebar gagdgets, or dashboard widgets for the Mac. Rainmeter skins provide you with useful information at a glance. It's easy to keep an eye on your system resources, like memory and battery power, or your online data streams, including email, RSS feeds, and weather forecasts. Many skins are even functional: they can record your notes and to-do lists, launch your favorite applications, and send your tweets to Twitter - all in a clean, unobtrusive interface that you can rearrange and customize to your liking.



Open Folder

Install Rain Meter 2.1

Configure it.

use .RMSKIN named three files one after another (just double click them)

Choose which skin you wana apply from Rain Meter Skin Chooser menu.

If U want to Use Omnio Skin then extract it
and follow written instruction (see read me)

That's it!

Rainmeter 2.1 beta with 4 Recmended Skins


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