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RagTime v6.5.2.1821 | 191.14 MB

RagTime, the professional business publishing tool - with word processing, spreadsheet, pictures, drawing and charting in an intuitive and easy-to-use layout. Enter figures, calculate and prepare graphs, write the accompanying text, place logos and pictures and create illustrations. All common file formats can be imported directly into RagTime.

All of the work is done in a true page layout view, which ensures that the printed document looks exactly like the RagTime document. RagTime is especially suitable for creating price lists, catalogs, business reports, analyses, overviews and sales documents. With RagTime, you can set forms, automate reporting functions, publish periodicals or create questionnaires. RagTime supports every possible output, from Internet to color inkjet and laser printers to output on a professional image setter for four-color printing.

Seamless cooperation

> Drawing elements double as containers for word processing, spreadsheets, pictures, graphs, etc.
> Dual editing feature applicable to all components either in layout mode or in individual editing windows
> Universal calculation functionality usable in tables, texts, graphs, and control elements
> RagTime components, including drawings can be placed in all types of frames and spreadsheet cells or flow freely with the text
> Unlimited rotation, scaling and cropping of all drawn objects and their contents
> Common style sheets for fonts, paragraphs, lines and fills in all components
> Uniform spell checking in all components, i.e., texts, spreadsheets, graphs, etc...


> Text flow within and around free forms
> Footnotes, tables of contents, indices and drop caps
> Grid lines, baseline grids, variable units of measurement and rulers
> Non-printing text for comments and notes
> Small caps and kerning
> Paragraph-aligned columns
> Optional dictionary CD-ROM with hyphenation and spell checkers for 12 additional languages


> Comprehensive array of drawing tools that also handle Bézier curves
> Definable fill style sheets with linear and radial patterns
> Object coordinate palette enables exact numeric positioning and transformation (turning, cropping & scaling)
>Interprets vector data in PICT files
> Detailed settings for PostScript linecharacteristics


>Over 200 functions, simple table layouting, spreadsheet cells even accommodatepictures
> 3-D spreadsheet with 16,000 rows, columns and planes. Unlimited spreadsheets per document
> Cell merging and cell-content rotation
> Full range of typographic options also available within the spreadsheet
> Continuous spreadsheets linked with pipelines across an unlimited number of pages


> Gallery with a large variety of style sheets
> 2-D and 3-D view point and light point graphs, line, pie, and XYZ (scatter) graphs; bubble and polar charts and combinations
> Dynamic links between tables and graphs via Drag & Drop

> Cropping, scaling, rotation and distortion
> Color management with over 30 MB of ICC-compliant color quality profiles
> Direct scanning within RagTime via PhotoShop PlugIns or TWAIN

Intelligent Templates
> Standardized forms for repetitive tasks
> Flexible rules for automatic page appending with various following pages
> Company-wide uniform forms can be jointly used over a file server under Windows and Mac OS

Additional Features
> Identical document formats under Windows and Mac OS
> Work directly in print-preview mode
> Drag & Drop to import and export files, assign formats, etc.
> Layouts with master pages and pipelines
>Tear-off palettes and menus
>Comprehensive information dialogues for all components
>Import & export capabilities for Word 97/98/2000, Excel 97/98/2000, RTF, SYLK, XTND, JPEG, EPSF, WMF, EMF, BMP, PICT, and Text (Mac, DOS, Windows and UNICODE)
> Contextual menus
> User-definable keyboard shortcuts
> Variable display resolution (e.g. for 144 dpi monitors)

Recycling Data Sets

RagTime 6 documents allow you to use the same data over and over again. Whether you need to include the same text on two different paper formats or print the same business card fourteen times on one page as shown here, corrections need only be made once.

All other occurrences are updated automatically. Popups can be used to select the emplyee for the card.

Mail Merge

Create master douments for mass mailings or to print copies in hundreds and thousands of variations. Enter variable data and illustrations in a spreadsheet and design your page so it can be personalized for each individual recipient—from form letters to customized product information.

Pinpoint Positioning

RagTime 5 provides you with a complete set of tools to design pages quickly and pricesly. Magnetic guides facilitate the alignment of both components and spreadsheets, which simply snap to the gridlines. Use your mouse to position auxiliary lines, or enter exact nuemric coordinates in the appropriate dialogue box.

6 addons:
CSV_Converter_1.2 (27)
Johannes_6.5 (1818)
MetaFormula_2.2 (25)
PalmDOC_Converter_3.1 (18)
PowerFunctions_2.2 (26)
RagTime_Connect_Pro_2.2 (39)

Home Page - http://www.ragtime.de/start.html

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