Radialix Loсalizer v.2.12.04 - Silent Installation

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Radialix Loсalizer v.2.12.04 - Silent Installation | 38.27 Mb

Radialix - a professional tool for localization (translation into another language interface) applications, including those created using the VCL. The product supports the translation memory and allows you to search Add to inaccurate (Fuzzy) compliance. Visual dialog editor, forms and menus, auto-type compiler-type resources and ancestral classes VCL, simulator and debugger to simplify the transfer process .

Supported by the localization of PE32, PE32 and. NET files, including applications for Windows Mobile, localization resource files, and INI files. Radialix can retrieve and edit resources strings, dialogs, menus, forms, Delphi and WinForm using the built-in visual editor. For transfer of rows you can use the Add, including the search for non-precision (Fuzzy) matching, machine translation, duplicates and import the translation. Supports spell-checking and correct translation. In Radialix a built-in translation memory editor.

Unique opportunities Radialix is to support the localization of strings in the application code and forms WinForm in the code assembly. NET. This allows us to localize the applications that do not support loading localized resources. Unlike similar products Radialix allows you to create localized builds. NET, and not just build resources. Editing strings in the code can be expanded through the use of a disassembler IDA, plug-ins which are included in Radialix.

Radialix supports importing and exporting translation, translation memory, files, CSV, TXT and TMX. Also, using the interface to WiX, NSIS and InnoSetup supported the creation of installers localized files.

Key features:
• Localization of PE32, PE32 file assemblies. NET, resource files, and INI files
• Localization. NET, do not support the standard methods of localization
• Localize strings in application code
• Plug-ins for IDA
• Unicode Support
• Auto-translation, including the Search for inexact matching (Fuzzy)
• Auto-translation by PROMT 8
• Checking the correctness of the translation
• Edit dialogs, forms and menus
• Translation Memory Editor
• Project files - in XML format
• Intuitive user interface

Translation Memory
Radialix 2 uses Translation Memory (translation memory). Translation memory - a database in which records are relevant to each other snippets in different languages. Radialix 2 has the function of automatic translation, which compares the translated text with elements of the translation memory, and in case of coincidence, replaces it with the fragments found for the target translation. Also supported by the auto-translation based inexact matching (fuzzy search) fragments in the translation memory.

UNICODE support
For working with text in Radialix 2 uses a technology called Unicode. This means that supports editing and creating localized files in any language, including double-byte character sets (Chinese, Japanese, etc.).

Built-in editors
Radialix not only supports text editing and visual editing of forms, dialogs and menus. To edit pictures, icons and cursors used configurable external editor.

HEX-editor is no longer needed

Radialix supports localization of not only resources but also the lines placed in the application code - hard-coded strings. In addition to the built-in into the distribution Radialix 2 includes a plug RDMAP to the disassembler IDA Pro from version 5 and above, can significantly improve the quality of search and editing capabilities hard-coded strings. Now virtually any lines you can use the translation that is longer than the length of the original.

The following file formats:
• executable Win32 (. Exe,. Dll, ...)
• executable Win32 (. Exe,. Dll, ...), created using Borland Delphi (C Builder) version 5 and above
• binary files Resource Win32 (. Res)
• assembly. NET Framework versions 1, 1.1, 2 and 3 (. Exe,. Dll, ...)
• Binary files resources. NET Framework versions 1, 1.1, 2 and 3 (. Resources)
• configuration files in INI format

New in version:
• Added display of messages are not found assemblies. NET.
• Fixed incorrect conversion of strings mo files if the encoding is UTF-8 string and the string msgid contain control characters.
• Fixed incorrect comparison classes. NET, if the class names contain control characters.
• Fixed a bug when creating a resource of WPF, which did not display messages about the need to update resources.
• Fix various minor bugs.

Differences from the original version:
• Removed interface languages except English and Russian
• Medicine sew
• retained only the Russian Help

Home Page - http://radialix.com/

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