QuickCal 3.1.1

MACOSX. February 1, 2012 by Jason.

NEW: Optimized for iCal/iCloud reminders and much improved recognition engine!

QuickCal v3.1.1 MacOSX Retail-CORE
Why should creating an event be such an event?

QuickCal is the perfect companion for your calendar! Create events and reminders in speed of thought with natural language!
Tap a hotkey or click the dock icon, and start typing!

✎ "Pick up Joe tomorrow at LAX at 8pm"
✎ "Cycling class @6 for 1.5h"
✎ "Reminder: Order Pizza in 10m"
✎ "Pay taxes before 4/15!"

As you type, QuickCal will show you what it is thinking, as well as pointing out any schedule conflicts with events you're about to create! QuickCal will also suggest common terms as you are typing … and it will learn long words you use frequently. Hit tab (⇥ ) or enter (↩) to accept auto-completion suggestions.

You'll be amazed how much quicker you can create events than using any other calendar.

You can choose calendars and reminder lists by typing a portion of its name before you enter your event or by adding "/name" at the end of your entry.
In case you have calendars and list with matching names you need to start your entry with "Reminder " or simply "r " to create a reminder instead of an event.

But this isn't all.
QuickCal supports "Smart Alerts", which will create alarms at configurable time intervals, specific to how far in the future the event is. A meeting tomorrow? Alert 15 min in advance. A meeting in 6 months? Remind a few _days_ in advance.

QuickCal also shows you at a glance in your menu bar events coming up, and allows you to easily manage/complete reminders directly from the menu!

QuickCal supports iCal, Google Calendar and BusyCal.
Reminders will be synced via iCal/iCloud with the reminders app on your iOS devices running iOS 5.


What's New in Version 3.1.1
- Parsing engine does not require event titles to be at the front of the entry text. "For 30m do something", "Until 5pm Block my calendar", "Tuesday at Rob's House, Party 7-11p" all work now
- Auto-suggest / auto-complete of common terms; learns from you over time
- Can switch calendars while entering an event by adding "/calendarname" at the end of the text
- Now will auto-detect which calendars support reminders, and which do not
- Reminders which have due dates and times will now create Alarms
- For reminder lists which don't have a matching calendar (that is with the same name), removed the need to add "reminder" (used to be:"todo") to text to flag as a reminder; just type the reminder title and you're done.

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