NEWS. May 27, 2010 by bidadari.

- Publication MUST have Rapidshare link ???
Not all people as lucky as you CONFiG, not all people can upload 2 GB part to rapidshare, not all people have premium account

Rapidshare 2 gb can only be download with premium account and upload from premium user
No official news until now rapidshare got unlimited traffic
Rapidshare not giving revenue to publisher

Hotfile 2 gb "CAN" be download free, upload from premium user
Hotfile premium is unlimited traffic, free user only have 15 minutes limitation for each file
Hotfile give revenue to publisher

old links rules still okay, Hotfile or Rapidshare link (with mirror)

- write tags is a MUST
okay this one good

- Movie
Since many released type of movie, in this section; IMDB link is MUST be included

FOR CAM or TS (telesync) MUST have screen included (picture) or video sample if available

other rules


  • kbsg
  • [30 May 2010 22:44]
You are the best author. When you said (for fun) that you are leaving DLB, I felt devastated! Later I was relieved when I learnt that it was a joke!

You provide RS links for big files (like movies, games etc) and sometimes (rarely) you provide HF links for music videos. Which is ok coz music videos are not big and i can download manually!

Anyway instead of appreciating the author for their hard work of uploading, I don't want to criticize them! Always I am thankful for your/their hard work!
But just sometimes i feel, for downloading HF links it is very hard! So I won't download and sometimes I would request for RS link :)

well providing rapidshare and hotfile link is no impossible depend on the author, if the author not greedy, then he will not post only hotfile,

you decide who is good author ;)

CONFiG, serving downloadbox since 2008 !

  • kbsg
  • [30 May 2010 19:01]
Hey how about this guys? From now on, if you guys could post on BOTH RapidShare & HOTFILE links,
I think ppl using RS can slowly (gradually) shift to HF! So, the shift will be seamless for the downloaders! I think HF would be great, provided the unfair methods of RS.

But the opposite could also be true! RS could feel the competition from HF and they would mend their ways but providing more bandwidth and more storage space and provide revenue to publishers!

But this is just a thought ;)

PS: Hotfile is making free users wait for 30 mins and not 15 mins! I dunno if this is based on country or not. But for me it's always 30 mins :(


CONFiG, serving downloadbox since 2008 !

  • kbsg
  • [29 May 2010 22:01]
WTF! CONFiG you are a girl???!!!
Or the guy in between 2 gals?
Ok as for the rules, i would always want an RS link :( RS I think are now starting to give money to publishers. And I can't afford HF premium! Even RS premium is too much. But sometimes there's no other way so i buy RS.
I wondered about the picture, but was afraid to ask. Hard to believe, since she’s so cute, but if you say so, then I believe. If that is the case, I just have to rephrase the word GOD and change it to GODDESS. :)

I still stand by RS links! :)

its me, im cute right :D

CONFiG, serving downloadbox since 2008 !

who is this eh?

just want to say, if i can upload to rs i will upload to rs ;)

i only post for downloadbox and always at downloadbox ;)

CONFiG, serving downloadbox since 2008 !

  • feeq
  • [27 May 2010 17:42]
I like Rapidshare... Worked juz nice for me...
let see if site member care, they will be the judge rapidshare or hotfile, we watch all comment, and will think about it ;)

CONFiG, serving downloadbox since 2008 !

so far (in 3 days) rapidshare not use that silly 5 gb traffic/days anymore

hope rapidshare will no use that traffic anymore

this is good :D
Wait... yes... this is my spot for RS links... hope I see more of this! :)

Hotfile sucks for me even though I have a premium account. I must live in a banned region of the world, I guess! :(
Wait... no... this was my spot for hotfile links... hope it stays that way
i will help CONFiG validating article now, so it will get faster validating article ;)

all who dont read publishing rules will be banned :D

its more easy now, we dont need spammer here