Preee v3.58 2010-07-06

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Preee v3.58 2010-07-06

Preee v3.58 2010-07-06 | 10.49 Mb

It's a selfecoded application that we in paradox have coded .It's not only an autotrader but also dupechecker, rls-search, rls-fxp ftp-gui, news-checker, update-checker, irc-client, pre-engine spread-engine .

changes since last public release:

fix: sometimes SubGenre was used for gnre skiplist instead of Genre
new: hint for to long log lines
fix: minor bug fixes in fonts and display
fix: minor color bugs in new log window
fix: bug in dupe-db insert where a ";" in infos could have caused a
cut insert
new: log settings get saved
fix: € wasnt corrected to in imdb parsing
fix: "dont trade" popup function didnt apply to later trades
new: "dont trade" popup function will set the style to StrikeOut
fix: several bugs in multitrade mode with special setting to only trade
by irc caption
new: release checking should work a lot faster
new: new mechanism to catch later ul after pre (badly supported sites)
> when a release is expected to show up on the site and its not
found (because noone cared to ul)
preee will check again in some seconds
new: deleting rule sections will select next section (before it was always
new: log output improved
new: log column width gets saved
fix: config->irc->channels gui bug fixed
new: site popup menu -> enable/disable all
new: ability to disable/enable certain messages in log (press + button on
lower right)
fix: later trade was checked/executed to often
fix: irc quit message line
new: optimized rls checking
new: much faster trade
new: optimized del inc under single/man autotrade
new: optimized log a bit
new: improved speed for rls list
fix: minor irc output bugs
new: irc output speed improved
fix: gui bugs (irc channel settings boxes)
fix: mask edit -> 2x enter=close (even if paste by mouse)
new: new memo log (should be way faster)
new: improved request extraction
fix: later ul/dl (im getting sick of it)
fix: a bad bug in multitrade from last two builds (might have crashed preee)
new: optimized speed a bit
fix: single autotrade bugs (later ul/dl)
fix: max recheck change setting didn't get updated internally
fix: possible bug in saving site changes (not thread safe)
fix: bug in "global pref." function in sitemanager
fix: another later dl bug
new: possebility to define a later auto-dl setting (prefered sites list)
fix: bug in cmd announce (default channel was added without bnc prefix)
fix: "SET PASV IP" didn't work for ul/dl from/to local hd
fix: bug in later ul/dl
fix: bug in trading in general with backfill settings
new: on !pre or !fxppre the pre release gets added to internal db
new: if you have custom genres which should be checked on complete
dires or in nfos, ircs which are not
recognised by the default (imdb/mp3 only), you can put them in
genres.dat (one line = one genre)
new: genre detection improved
fix: watermark bug where no watermark file was not on any dump
new: siterules->genre can no longer be modified (edit/add) since they
wouldn't have been detected anyway
> use genres.dat to add custom genres that you can check/uncheck
new: much faster script engine when it comes to certain commands like
fix: minor bugs in script engine
fix: wipe -r workaround in ftp gui for drftpd crap
new: improved login procedure (internal)
fix: another minor bug in watermark system
new: better error announces for watermark system
new: improved irc handling on very low delay settings
fix: sometimes irc codes havent been converted when added to main log
fix: some tradeskip messages due to "later ul/dl" have been wrong (still
was working properly)
fix: bug in autodownload config change (didn't get saved in some situations)
fix: preee.ruleset changes have been announced by line and spammed
fix: bug in !getrls when multitrade was on (introduced in last beta builds)
new: improved auto line break on long irc lines
should now have proper color/styles from previous part of the line
fix: minor bugs in script engine
new: tried to reduce flicker on main log (still not very far)
richedit might not be a good solution here
new: improved affil detection
fix: bugs in watermark system
new: improved trading from sites where a rls was pred (untested)
new: bug in "you got nuked" detection under multitrade
new: extra check for data from "site new" to ignore wrong date
new: improved PRET response parsing
fix: bug with later-dl settings
fix: many bugs in water-mark system for pres
fix: bug in release checking when site was busy in ftp gui
fix: siterules->nfo settings got fucked in yesterdays build
fix: spell bug in backup function
fix: newly added irc channels didnt get added to "only trade if source is"
new: improved language skip template
new: imoroved incomplete detection
new: correct ssl dll gets choosen by version (in case ssleay32.dll and
libeay32.dll exist)
fix: issue with "must be on source before get traded"
new: request filling improved
fix: minor display bugs when using !nfo
new: improved rlstypes.dat & rlsstopwords.dat (tnx to the guy in
new: some improved icons (again tnx to #preeesupport)
new: improved nuke reason extraction from irc
new: improved nfo parsing speed
fix: one default value was way to low (auto fixed if its still default)
fix: under wine drag and drop in ftp gui lead to an error (disabled there
new: improved script engine (blocking gui)
new: improved diz-parser for zip count (now supports [xx/1] as used by
some lame groups)
new: improved local complete checking (auto-download)
fix: streaming will use no full path (was not working for drftpd and cubnc)
fix: switching from multitrade to man/single didn't work
new: updated rlscrawler.ini
fix: never-fxp-for-all button
fix: minor bugs in script engine again
new: improved nuke detection
fix: another bug in streaming from drftpd
new: !delrls shoulw work now and will only delete one file
new: new command !renrls
new: improved speed due to system core replacements
fix: another bug in day dir creation
fix: minor bugs in script engine
fix: bug in multitrade-adding from external threads
fix: minor bug from !login fixed
new: plugin triggers get executed in thread and will no longer main thread
fix: nuke icon in rls list should get updated properly
new: all infos from hint on will be displayed on
popup as well now
new: improved complete detection for rar-releases (complete-dir says
incorrectly Yes while still a rar file is missing)
fix: bug in "guessed files function" (internal)
new: auto correction of site time to yours (on by default)
new: false positive SIZE command bug from drfptd
fix: bug in ftp gui when opening files and path has already been changed
fix: possible bug in "create daydirs"
fix: minor bug in race checking
fix: possible bug in password/login modification
fix: minor other things i dont remember ;P
new: ability to delete user/group in sitemanager by DEL-key
new: is a release is skiped due to global skiplist, you see why in mouesover
new: little speedup of 0day trading
fix: minor ul-on-race bug from yesterdays build
fix: PRET LIST bug on drftpd sites
fix: streaming from drftpd should work now
new: if a rls is in skiplist it will be drawn "- rls" in list + strikedout
new: "Add Group" in sitemanager->user (will add Unknown as user)
fix: bug in "Edit by Hand"
new: a CWD / will be issued for drftpd sites before a site search command
new: Force PRET in sitemanager->main (for crappy drftpd)
new: auto switch to alt-fxp modes on error
fix: minor bug in setting change
new: gui changes in config->sitemanager
new: option to enable/disable onliner checking per site
new: option to enable/disable site rule checking per site
new: option to enable/disable preee.ruleset checking per site
new: option to enable/disable request checking per site
new: kb/s in ftp-gui while transfering files
fix: bug in deleting queue in ftp gui while it was transfering
fix: irc gui -> close channel and rejoin channel didn't work sometimes
new: script !fillinc supports 3rd parameter with sections (optional)
fix: bug in auto trading with "must have file is missing"
new: +h for irc will be set automatically if mangeled host is forced
fix: several small bugs in irc functions
fix: changes in siterules sometimes didn't get applied directly
new: added new sources for rlscrawler plugin (sux to see it all to open)
fix: spell errors in gui (yes english isn't my 1st language)
fix: minor bug in irc-section detection
new: !enable/!disable works with parameter "*" for all sites
fix: minor bug in irc-detected trading
new: !enable/!disable accept multible sites (seperated by space)
fix: watermark system for nfo files fixed

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